All of my classes that I do have are located at my home. It is in Palmetto Point, on Terra Ceia Bay. Just a
minute south of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The map and directions below will show you  the area were my
classes and sessions are held - Contact me for the correct address when you schedule an appointment or to
confirm the space in the class.

I do have clients and students come from all over Florida to my classes. I am about a 1/2 hour from all directs
of: Pinellas, Tampa, Manatee, Sarasota Counties. When you RSVP for the classes I will give you directions on
how to get to the class.

                                    My Philosophy on teaching

In my classes I teach on my philosophy of we are all from the same creator. I believe that we are all
connecting through the same source i.e. ‘God’. You may choose to call your source; God, Goddess, Creator,
Spirit, the Source or what ever name you choose. I do not profess to be a set religion but more on a spiritual
perspective. Many have come to my class from all faiths and different paths in life. I do stick to the principles
of working with the white light and never doing any harm or dark work. That is my class philosophy and
protocol in life and through my teachings. If it offends you, then this course may not be for you. As with
anything in life, take what works for you and leave what does not.

                                     About my classes

All of the classes you will need to participate in. These are all hands on classes. You will be shown and
experience each of the class topics. The classes are designed for you to learn about the subject, to show you
how to use the ability and give you enough information to start practicing and developing at home.

Please be on time for all the classes. I usually only will wait 10 minutes after the time that it is suppose to start
to begin the class. For all meditation classes if you are running more than 10 minutes late, the class has
started and I do not let others in after that. It is due to the deep relaxation state that will make the class be
disturbed - as I am sure you are aware of. I would rather prefer students be early then just barely make it to
the class. So please plan your driving time ahead.

The classes are on an RSVP bases. I do have a minimum to hold each class. When you RSVP also give me a
number to reach you just in case the class was canceled. As soon as you know that you will like to attend - let
me know. Also, just in case that I have to postpone/cancel the class for unforeseen events that could occur.

All my classes under $15 is cash only. - and please bring proper change to the class. There are many quick
stop stores before you come to my class on the way. All classes over $20 I do accept c local checks only with
the show of id is needed and if you would like to pay with a credit card you will have to prepay through paypal
on my website - contact me for more information.

I do have cats that are not lap cats but part of the family. Sorry I do not lock them in rooms. If you are allergic
to them please make sure you will be fine before you come to the class. I do have people that are allergic to
cats but they all have been fine during and after the class.
Where my classes are held