Wellness and recovery crystal set

$11.95  PURCHASE

Crystals are a wonderful tool to use for the recovery of addictions.

The crystals are cleansed and reiki attuned before you receive them. * I am a Reiki
Master/Teacher for over 20 years.

Included will be brief information about the crystal and a pouch to carry them in.
Each crystal is approx. 1 – 1 ½ inches in raw state.

If you choose Malachite it is polished and approx. over 2" for additional $6.

When purchasing, include your choices in the section “message to seller” box at time
of checkout. You can choose to leave box blank or write in please choose for me. Then
I will choose at random the crystals for your order.

This list fluctuates as our inventory changes so check back often and be sure to
message us with any questions.


Amethyst - If you are someone who is recovering from an addition, especially an
addiction to alcohol, Amethyst will prove to be one of the best healing stones for
addiction. This stone is good for relieving the physical, emotional and psychological
pain associated with addiction. It is a good stone for transmuting and removing
negative energy

Blue Aventurine - helps those with addictions to take responsibility for their problems.
When used in meditation it will assist you in overcoming addictions. Blue Aventurine
clears old, stagnant energies, helping you to open up to inner growth and spiritual
work. It also strengthens communication abilities, helping you to speak out when
required and being true to yourself.

Carnelian - allows you to live in the present reality, restoring strength and vitality. The
stone is very stabilizing, allows you to accept things as they are and gives courage to
face your truth. It will help you get to the bottom of your fears and phobias and
release them, overcome negative or harmful conditioning, protects against negative
emotional baggage. It instills love of self and love of life.

Golden tiger’s eye - can help relieve the side-effects as well as the root cause of your

Iolite - aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, helps to clear the
mind of addictive though forms.

Malachite (polished and over 2” * additional cost) - a Stone of Transformation,
assisting one in changing situations, increases will power and providing for spiritual

Add to the set ½ ounce Clary sage essential oil blend mix. to put on pulse points. Clary
sage is a wonderful essential oil to use as it gives that deep relaxation and euphoric
effect. For some individuals it has an especially hypnotic effect on the mind and
emotions producing very tranquil and peaceful states. It nourishes your soul, dispels
negative thoughts and emotions and can help you get through challenging and difficult

Please note that I do try to keep up with inventory, but if a crystal is sold out before I
can change the listing, I will contact you so that you may choose another crystal.

Pictures are of crystals in my inventory.