In part one of this topic, we found that mediation is one way to find what is blocking us.  Through the
process of meditating, we can let go.  

An important thing to do in your life is to change what is holding you back from receiving your desires.  
In order to bring in any new thing in your life, you must let go of the old or what is no longer serving a
purpose.  It does not always have to be a person or situation.  An emotion or feeling about something can
be all that it is.

Example:  you may have fear that you are not smart enough to have a certain type of job.  Even
though that you know that you are qualified for it.  Another one could be that you were raised to believe
that only high society individuals can have money.  (This is extremely not true.)  The main thing to ask
yourself right now, ‘do I plan on continuing to do or feel the way I do now?’

Another way to move past the blocks would be to seek assistance from another.  This can be even
from the universe; your guides, angels or whomever you seek assistance from.  Ask for assistance on
manifesting.  Not always do we receive the information immediately, but it can take time.  Watch for signs
from them.  It can be a song on the radio that says something that makes sense to your question.  
Someone may out of the blue speak to you with the information.  You may see it on a billboard or on
television.  It may just be telepathy by a thought that comes in.  Don’t dismiss anything when you ask.  
Take notes and write everything down.  Then go over what you have written. By taking notice of these
experiences, your answers just maybe there.

If you have a block within your chakras you can do healing work on yourself or seek assistance from
another.  The blocks in the chakras can hold on our feels about things, situations from the past and
present, our beliefs etc.  Releasing them out of your energy, you allow for more positive to enter.  Reiki
is a wonderful tool to use for this.

Being diligent each day to reach your goals and allowing yourself to move forward.  It can be just positive
thinking, which is a must in order to achieve your desires.  

If you know of others that reached the same type of desire that you have, take clues from them to see
how they obtained it.

Part 1
Feeling stuck or blocked on how to manifest