Feeling stuck or blocked on how to manifest or
maybe you know what you want but do not know exactly how to ask for it.

Meditation is one of the best ways that I could recommend of composing your thoughts and identifies what
your desires truly are.

It is ideal to focus on one goal for the mediation time.  The following are some different topics for your
meditation to assist you in this. Before you start your meditation, make it your focus or topic that you have for
this time. Ask your spirit guides and guardians to assist you in the meditation.  When we ask them, they will
assist us.  It may be subtle messages or very obvious.

What represents abundance to you?

Remember the times in your life when you felt the most abundance or happiest.

Find what your limiting beliefs are.  What things are keeping you from having success?  Example would be that
you are not worthy for having abundance of money, a nice car, a good paying job, just to name a few things.
Then in the mediation guide yourself into letting them go.

You can ask your higher self, spirit guides and or the universe to show you exactly how to receive your desire
into your life.  Before you start the meditation, have what you want to manifest.  Then ask them to assist you
in visualizing or wording for the manifestation. Make sure to write down immediately after what you felt,
experienced and learned from the meditation.