Selenite wand/stick
Selene comes from the Greek word which means moon.  It can assist us in many different
aspects of healing.  Each selenite piece is Reiki charged to enhance the energy of this
wonderful crystal.  Approx. 3" x 1/2" width

Brings in mental clarity.
Allows you to view the big picture of life.
Balancing the emotions/emotional body.
Assists in removing energy blockage.
Provides energy protection from negativity.
Often placed in a grid around the home to protect it from negative energy.
Assisting in communication with the higher self and your spirit guides.
Placing this stone near other stones will assist in clearing the negative energy from them.
Great for use in meditation and creating a peaceful place.
Creates a protective aura in any are it is placed in.
Used for clearing the aura field when doing healing work on an individual.
$5 purchase to pick up in Palmetto FL