Salt Stone Therapy

This holistic therapy is 60 minutes of using warm Himalayan salt stones that are deeply relaxing and many
therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of this therapy:
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves sleep and deeply relaxing
  • Improves an overall well-being feeling
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Relieves pain

The salt stones I use are 100% Himalayan pink salt stones.  Each is enhanced in 84 naturally occurring minerals and
elements that regenerate the entire body.    The stones are heated to make them warm for a very soothing massage.
Through osmosis the nutrients naturally enter the body to activate your natural healing abilities allowing your body to
regain its natural balance.  The magnesium in the stones assists in relaxing the muscles and tension and the other
eighty some minerals and trace elements are beneficially absorbed to alkalize, gently draw out toxins. It draws
moisture to the upper layers of the skin, plumping and moisturizing, leaving the skin quite smooth.

Warmed stones will penetrate deeply into the sore and achy muscles.  With the nutrients of the stones can release
the toxins that maybe blocking the blood flow in that area of the muscles.  Negative ions are produced when heated
creating a sense of peace and deeper sense of relaxation.

This therapy uses oil only because of the stones.  Your choice of coconut oil or massage oil.