This is a great way to remove toxins and stress from your body.  Our muscles and tissue can hold onto a
lot of toxins from our environment, stress and what we intake.  Epsom salts added to the bath is known
to release toxins from the muscles.  It is used for sprains, strains and tired muscles.  

Place into the bath 1 to 2 cups or as directed on the container of Epson salts, optional ~ add ¼ cup
baking soda; which softens the skin, and a few drops to the Epson salt lavender oil.  (Do not put directly
into the tub the essential oil.  It must be added to a mixture or substance so it does not float on the

Now take your time and relax.  This is a great to do right after a massage.  Having a massage moves
toxins around in the body.  That is why you are told to drink plenty of water for the next day to remove
it.  This will assist in removing more.

Please always check to see if you are able to use this.  There are some individuals that cannot.  Read the
package and or check with your medical doctor if in doubt.
Removing stress and tension