Rewind Effect Therapy

    Manipulating the body’s natural energy that is effective on rewinding to a state of harmony and balance.

This unique way of the session releases and heals on many levels. It rewinds the mind / body / spirit to a state of balance
and harmony.  An approach of releasing techniques that are non-invasive and allows the individual to release and regain
balance.  It is a mixture of my therapies of my unique energy technique, acupressure, craniosacral, massage and reiki.

The session starts by the client giving brief information on concerns that they would like focused on in the session.  This
can be giving at the time of scheduling the appointment.  Depending on areas of focus, the time for massage will be
focusing on areas that time allows.  You may choose to have the entire session of the techniques and no massage.  During
the session, essential oils are used at times.  Please advise me if you prefer no essential oils.

Session time 60 minutes or 90 minutes
Your choice to have included in session a massage that focuses in on certain targeted areas or no massage.

What clients said about this therapy:

  • ‘When she cradled my head I could tell her energy was completely different than others.  I had chronic migraines
    and during the session it went away.  No more migraines and they have not returned.’ Debra, Sarasota
  • ‘I have had spine issues since childhood that has caused problems throughout my life.  It was amazing how my back
    feels aligned and how wonderful I feel since the treatment.’ Client from Orlando that is an MD
  • ‘Amazing how Carla Mary was able to relieve the problem that I had in my lower back, hip and leg.  The therapy was
    very light over the trigger points that I only thought that without being painful it would not work.  I stood up after it
    was done and could not believe how I felt.  I am able to do my walking in the park again.  Just a miracle.’ ~ Client in
  • ‘I could feel the energy go through my body in gentle waves.  The experience was very calming and made me feel
    very light and at peace.  An experience that has put me back in balance.’ ~ Client in Sarasota