Returning unwanted energy
I am sure that all of us experienced someone that has sent negative vibes and energy to us from their
thoughts, words or actions.  Do you realize you do not have to accept this negativity or ill intent
towards you?  No you do not and you do not have to be involved in others negativity.  Some individuals
just send negative energy consciously and unconsciously.  We may not even know where it is coming from
or who sent it.  But with your pure intent, it will and can be released back and stopped.

I will show you different ways you can return this negativity and not be connected to it.  This is only
used and will work if you are not participating in negativity with the individual.  Once one of these ways
is used, you must believe that it is working and no longer think about it or if it work.  Otherwise it will
not work.

One way is to visualize in your mind’s eye that a large shield came in front of you.  This shield is a
protected shield with bright white and has a full length mirror on it facing away from you.  The
negativity is reflected back to the sender.  In your mind’s eye or out loud say ‘I return all negativity, ill
intent or harm to its source of its emanation.  I refuse this energy and do not allow it to be ever sent
back to me.’  The mirror and white light is sending their energy back to them.  Your free will allows
you not to accept the energy.  They receive their energy back.

Another way is to visualize this energy like an envelope that was sent to you.  Visualize writing on it
return to sender ~ refused.  You can imagine placing it in a white mail box to be sent back.  Once it is
placed in there, the energy is sent back to them with the light.  The color white of the mailbox
represents the white light as it takes the energy back.

My psychic cord releasement is a great way to remove the cords and hooks that are attached.  Click her
to go to that web page for more information on how to do it.

Finally, there is one to use that is through saying out loud and being in a positive frame of mind when
you do it.   I found this on the internet years ago and found it on many sites with an unknown
author.  So I give thanks to Spirit for sharing this with me and passing it on to others. I have added
some things to it to assist in the process which seems to make it work even more efficiently.

I ask that I be cleared and cleansed within the universal White Christ light,  (pause and visualize white
light showering down and clearing and cleansing you and your aura)
The green healing light (pause and visualize green light healing your aura and you)
And the purple transmuting flame. (pause and visualize purple flame of Archangel Michael encapsulating
your entire aura and you, this is protection energy)
Within God’s will and for my highest good, I ask that any and all negativity and/or evil be completely
sealed In its own light, (with your pure intent the energy is sealed in a bubble of its own light.  You
can imagine this too)
Encapsulated within the ultra-violet light (pause ~ visualize violet light surrounding it)
Cut off and removed from me. (pause ~ visualize that its completely off of you and your aura)
Impersonally, With neither love nor hate, I return all negativity and/or evil to its source of emanation,
decreeing that it never again be allowed to re-establish itself Within me or anyone else In any form.
(know that its sent back.  You can visualize this energy going through the universe)
I now ask that I be placed Within a triple capsule Of the universal White Christ light of protection
(pause ~ visualize that the white light is around you as if you were in a complete bubble of Christ light)
And for this blessing, I give thanks.

You should be able to feel the negativity energy off of you.  The main thing if you are using any of
these or your own is to not participate in the negativity or with that individual.  If it is someone close
to you, some find that taking a break from them or finding healthy boundaries works.  Otherwise the
best thing is try not to associate with individuals that would want to harm you with that kind of
destructive energy.  It is your choice.