Do you ever feel that you are too connected to people and situations when you thought that you have cleared them from
your lives?

This healing will heal psychic bondage or ties and psychic coercion. What are psychic ties? Psychic ties are an invisible,
negative bond between yourself and something or someone in your lives. This can happen due to many factors. Some of
them are from: undue attachment or repulsion to a person, group of people, place, thing, organization, situation,
circumstance, experience or memory. They are negative thoughts and emotions that tie us to people and things. This is on
an astral level of the mind as the mind connects us to people and situations. The subtle body also known as the astral body
is affected. It does not always have to be coming from another, but ourselves can bring this on from things that we need to
heal and let go of.

When a clairvoyant can see the aura and chakras, they see it as cords, ropes or strings that can often be attached to the
chakras. Now there are many so-called cords and ties, the good and the not good. The cords are our True love ties; our
bonds with loved ones. This healing does not remove those as they are attached to you until the bonds between both
individuals release them. When a clairvoyant sees them it shows up as golden strong cords that usually attach to the heart
chakra which are spiritual love ties.

What does it feel like? You may feel a tug, a pull, an undesirable attachment or repulsion. You may experience the feelings
of intimidated, dominated or coerced. Also, you may experience it as an addition, habit or co dependency. Clairvoyants may
pick up constant thoughts or images of the person or situation or constant on their mind and hard to block.

I can honestly say this works. I felt the connection to people and things when there should have not been. So I did this
releasing and it really worked. By the next day of doing this for the first time, I received many phone calls and emails from
people that I knew that were connecting to my energy. Most of the responses from the people that were disconnected from
where "I feel so distant from you" and or "I feel disconnected from you". Bingo - with that many contacting me to reconnect
- I know it works. I make this a regular practice.

When do you know that it is time to do this cutting / healing?

When you are being negatively influenced or controlled by someone or something.
When you are dependent on or addicted to a substance.
When you are overly attached to or obsessed with someone or something.
When you are in a coercive or manipulative environment.
When you are overly concerned about the opinions of others.
When you are under psychic attack or you are being controlled by means of others through their use of or your use of dark
On a daily basis to maintain harmony in your relationships with those close to you.

Psychic Tie Cutting Healing

I call upon ____(divine or an Archangel) ______ to cut any and all psychic ties between ____(fill in your name)___ and
_(person, thing etc.)__. These psychic ties are now lovingly cut, lifted, loved, healed, released and let go into the light of
love and truth. Thank you God and SO IT IS.

The first space fill in the name you call Divine, your Spiritual Master, Angels etc., the second is to be filled in by your name,
and the third by the name of the person or thing to cut the ties with. If you do not know or have a long list of names and
things to fill in then it can be added as so. I also include "that anything that I am conscience or unconscious that needs to be
cut and removed from my life that I may be missing, that is doing harm or ill intent to me in my past, present, future be
removed". I am allowing Spirit to assist in the removal of all. You can also sit quietly and in your minds eye say, "show me
what or whom needs to be removed at this time". What ever comes into your mind at that time put into the blank space.
Some may feel great benefit from removing things and people one at a time.

Other benefits of this are to strengthen your good ties with people. It will help in the removal of things within you that
might be sabotaging situations. It will instead make relationships more loving, intimate, and personal if they are meant to
be. It will strengthen golden love ties, which are signs of true unconditional love and affection.
Psychic Ties & Bonds -
Cutting, Removing & Healing