If you would like to have a mediation group in your home, business or elsewhere for you, friends, family or at my space.

Meditations can be schedule for day & evening ~  available 7 days a week.

I will start by going through my steps on my meditations.  Then guiding through deep relaxation techniques to relax and
opening the intuitive mind. You will be emailed a link to my web page on how I do my meditations, so that you may send
it to your guests to review.  This will assist those that attend to better understand the process of meditation and things
like the chakras, deep breathing etc.  Then proceeding through the meditation.  A brief discussion  on what was
experienced in the mediation will be discussed as a group.

Contact me for pricing.  
carla@carlamary.net    941-729-5142 or 941-320-2687

All the meditations that I currently do are available for you and your guests/group. Contact me for a list or you can
request a certain topic or direction that you would like a meditation.  Please let me know when scheduling so that I may
have the meditation prepared for you.

Also available

Meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels plus Mini Group Reading

This guided imagery meditation plus a mini group reading is available.  
Find out about this meditation

This meditation with mini reading can be done with your group.  There is a minimum amount to attend to have this
event. It can be done at your location or at mine.  

Contact me for pricing.
carla@carlamary.net    941-729-5142 or 941-320-2687

Private Individual Guided Imagery Meditation ~ At my space $50 hr / meditation.  Please note that this does not
included any intuitive session or other sessions/services but can be purchased if you choose.
Private and Group Guided Imagery Meditation