Soul’s journey healing
through past life healing
Past life / Akashic records

Private session

Journey into your past soul’s existence to visit a past life that you once had. Explore and learn more about the life you lived. This is the past life regression that I have been doing for over 25 years. This session is for those that just want to explore a past life. During the session we will ask for your spirit guides to meet with you on this journey.

In this session I will guide you into deep relaxation states that will move you into the alpha and theta stage. I will be communicating with you to find out information on that past life that you are experiencing in the session. We will try to find out the connections between this life and that lifetime. Depending on your higher consciousness / higher self, we will visit up to two past lives if possible.

Schedule your session through my online appointment scheduler on my website and under the meditation tab.

Preparing for the session

The session is approx. 90 minutes. Please make sure to use the restroom before the session.

If you never meditated (guided imagery) before, you would want to be able to do so. This is very important for some to be able to get into this state and to visualize. The best way is to do guided imagery meditation. This is one of mine that I have recorded that can assist you on do it. It is very important that you can follow along and visualize to make this session work. Otherwise, it will not work

Here is an audio that I recorded on using all your senses. This will assist you during the session as you will be exploring to find information.

If you have never experienced a guided imagery meditation before or have a hard time visualizing, please practice before scheduling a session. It is very important. In the above information, you will find links to some meditations of mine that can assist. Please read and listen to the audios on the section of 'preparing for a session' You will also benefit to view my webpage on preparing to meditate.

You will also want to be able to visualize. If I say see a yellow flower. Close your eyes now, can you see in your mind a flower that is yellow? Try that with other things too.

No alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to the session.

No caffeine before the session. As it is a stimulant and will interfere with the deep trance states that you need to get into.

Eat a light meal within an hour or two before your session. Since the session last a long time, you want to have something in your stomach.

Make sure that your phone is fully charged. I will record for you the session as soon as we start the past life part of the session.

The session

The session starts by getting you comfortable. I do this on my massage table that you will be propped up with a pillow, legs slightly elevated to make it more comfortable and blanket to keep you warm while you are in the deep state.

I begin by guiding you into deep states of relaxation. Moving you into the alpha and theta state by visualization and talking techniques. Then we move into the past life where you will experience an existence of your soul. Please note that not only can we have an experience on this earth plane but you and almost everyone else has had experience on other planes, realities and existences other than a human. Each have meanings, lessons and challenges. By viewing these, can assist you on your journey in this lifetime.

When you are into that past life or existence, that is when I will start the recording of your session.

Everyone’s experience is unique to them. Some may experience viewing like a movie, experiencing as within that body of who they were, or even seeing themselves as a third person. Meaning of third person is viewing themselves but you will know or figure out easily which one is you. Some may see flashes of events or played out like a whole movie, but you are in it.

I will ask you to describe what you are seeing, feeling emotionally and what comes into your mind, doing, smelling, hearing etc. You will be playing like a detective getting all the information that you can find. Example: you will be describing the home you live in at that time. The exterior of the building, what it is make of etc. All this can give clues to time periods etc. I will walk you through it by asking you questions you will not have to remember to do this at all.

It comes naturally. Just remember that your higher consciousness and soul will take you to an experience that you need to view.

After the session

We will go over what you viewed and any information that you did not express verbally.

Do not listen to the audio while you are driving. Please wait to you are home.

Who this may not be for

If you are a very controlling person, you may have a hard time on this or the deep states that are needed will not happen. Your conscious mind can and will get in the way. It does this by saying: it is not going to work, not working, this is foolish etc. That part of the mind will need to step aside to allow the experience to happen. This is also referred to as those that are left brainers. This session may not be for you. I do not guarantee the outcome of sessions and is all up to the individual of what they receive out of it.

If you have PSTD or severe mental illness or severe depression. Some of the things that can be seen are unsettling for some. We are not always the best in past lives that we lived, otherwise we would not need to reincarnate repeatedly. We also go through the death scene of each past life which can be traumatic for some. During the past life regression, you may view things that may cause emotional distress if you have these issues. I am unable to predict or control what past life you will see. There are many licensed mental health professionals that do these sessions. They can assist you through the process if you do have an emotional episode happen during the session. Were as I am not a mental health counselor to assist you as you would need.

What you need to know about me

I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, and I do not practice medicine. I am not a psychologist or social worker and do not treat mental illness. My spiritual work across platforms does not equate to or replace mental health treatment, medical treatment, or other clinical services. I do not practice clinical hypnotherapy. All guidance and healing in the sessions is spiritual in nature and comes from the client's own Higher Self, Inner Wisdom and Spirit Guides, and the client is fully responsible for making their own decisions.

Release form you will sign before your session