Things you will want to have:

  • Scrap piece of paper to jot down your ideas what you want to manifest
  • Take your time doing this – do not be in a rush
  • Either a piece of white paper or parchment paper
  • Pencil to write with
  • A white candle
  • A colored candle if you choose to use along with the white.   Green is used for prosperity, finances and health
  • Blue is for spirituality

  • Start by thinking of what you want to manifest.  You will want to do this before the day of the new moon.  As the power of the new moon
    will assist in starting the manifest.
  • Use your pure intent when manifesting - always seems to work the best.
  • Always, and I do not know how more to express this point, manifest what you want with everything covered.  Like the old saying dot your
    I's and cross your T's, because you might get what you did not want.
  • Never take free will away from another.
  • Point to make, when we put a name on someone to enter our lives – say you are manifesting someone to come into your life. There is a
    chance that person was not suppose to. Remember of free will. If you put a name or a person face on what you want to manifest it is
    taking free will away. That would be what some call a love spell which is wrong. What if that person was not suppose to be with you?  And
    it changed their path.  That would be doing wrong and possible harm.
  • Remember the law of the universe what ever you put out will come back three and fold till you learn your lesson.  
  • I have seen people do that and not have successful relationships for a long time and can last into life times ahead.
  • But what you could do is manifest some one to come into your life by asking for certain qualities and etc and then add what you do not
    want ( the negative side).
  • Do not insist on time lengths or set times.  Remember also there is no time in the universe – that is only an earth plane thing.
  • If what you are trying to manifest  you will want to be ready for it.  To  be honest sometimes we are not ready for everything to enter or
    happen yet.  But we still may what it.
  • So ask for divine timing.  Divine/the Universe knows when it is best for us. It will manifest when we are ready and when we are not.
  • Ask for the manifestation for that or its equivalent, to manifest, for the highest good of all concerned, no harm to none in any way
    (mentally, physically, spiritually, financially) and of free will.
  • Another thing to mention we are asking the Universe/Divine to manifest things but what happens we do not repay back in someway to the
    universe.  Pay back you might ask and question. Yes, they are creating this energy /thing and at times we take and take without giving in
    return back. Our Guides will tell you that just to heal yourself or to be positive and not be so negative will help to enlighten and bring more
    positive/healing energy to this earth plane.  Give something back as prayer work, healing, kindness or just let your guides or angels tell
    you, they will. Also, a major point to make, most people think if it did work or will it happen. That is the problem all the time. That brings in
    loss of faith that it is happening.  Most of the time it will not work by doubting. By sending it out once and have faith, if it is for your highest
    good you will receive it.  If not it was not walk away from it.
  • Remember if  you did not get it, there could have been lessons attached with it. We all came into this plane with lessons, do you need
    more? Answer should be no.

So when you have it all written down on paper.
Write on the top of it; I ask for this or its equivalent, for the highest good of all in concern, no harm to none and free will of all – and so it be.
Also if you do reiki you can draw the cho ku rei symbol across it with either the pencil or with your palm of your hand – three times.
You can ask for assistance from you spirit guides, angels, those of the light to assist in manifesting this list.

On the new moon;
Fold the paper either in half or in fourths
Place the candle on top of the list – make sure that it is in a safe place that it will not burn.

Example of a manifestation list if you are manifesting a home:

  • That you will have finances to be able to afford the home comfortably
  • That the structure is sound
  • No plumbing, electrical or structural problems
  • That the surrounding area is safe
  • That the neighbors are polite, nice and what ever kind of neighbors
  • That it is not a crime area
  • That loving energy is and will be within
That is just a few things to put on the list -  remember to take your time and not to rush doing it.