Mirror protection

When I refer to mirrors I am referring to a mirror that is on an esoteric level.  Its there but the human
eye does not see it but its working on multi dimensional levels including the physical/earth plane.  The
mirror is a two way mirror.  That you look out of and view the world and others, but you do not look into
the mirror.  Your intent with this mirror is that only love and light may enter this form of protection.  
That all negativity can not enter.  If you ever heard of someone say use mirrors or just put up a shield of
protection, this is usually what they are referring to.

Someone one taught me this years ago and she said that as soon as she woke up and her feet hit the floor
the tube of mirrors came up to protect her throughout the entire day.

Start out by standing and visualizing that a cylinder of a mirror (2 way like they have viewing people but
no one can see the ones that are viewing only the ones that are being viewed).  The top is open ~ for the
crown to stay open and connected to the universe and Spirit.  The bottom is open ~ for your connection to
the earth plane to keep you grounded.

The intent is that anyone that is negative that would direct the energy to do harm or towards you in a
negative way, would not look at their selves in the mirror.  This is because they would have to deal with
their own negativity and issues that they would not.  Its like a boomerang going right back at them.  

This is great to do if you know you have to go to a meeting, party or really any place.  Most that use this
will tell you the negative person in the group will not come by them if the shield is up.  Remember you
must stay positive also with any form of protection.  Also to clarify a little bit more, someone that is sad,
unhappy or etc is carrying negative energy.  Sadness, grief etc is not a positive energy.  We all at one time
or another have to deal within our own self these emotions.  So when I refer to blocking someone with
negative energy its those that their intent is do you harm or send it to you intentionally.  For those that
do healing work, deal with others in their own business etc or just trying to protect their home or sacred
space, you may want to not use the words protect me from negative energy or my space from negative
energy.  You and others may not be allowed in.  We all carry emotions and so do our guides of the light so
you do not want to block someone or your self from communicating etc.  Use the words ’anyone that is
sending ill intent or harm with negativity’ is a better way of making the statement.