This meditation allows you to meet your Spirit Guides and Angles. We all have Spirit Guides and Angels
that are with us during each life time.  Angels are assigned to us to guard, protect us, heal and teach
us.  Spirit Guides are assigned to us to guidance us on our life journeys.  Some stay with us for long
periods of time and others are here for short time lengths.  They are souls that we have not been with in
your current life time.  But they can be part of past life times.  They can teach us to heal, nurture, love,
be creative and enjoy life while we are here.  Each guide has their
own specialty that they have learned and assist us.  You do not have to be studying or doing the
metaphysical/new age things to have guides - every one is born with them no matter what path you are
on.  The key phrase is "to guide you on your path".   

During this meditation you may ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for advice on present life situations. They
will also tell you why they are with you.  You will find out their name that you can call them.  Also, how
to contact them and know that they are around you.

Connecting with our guides, higher self and angels allows the person to find that special bond that is unique
to you and them.  Everyone has Spirit guides and angels that are with us.  Some will stay with us for life
and then some will go and come back and new ones may enter.  This all depends on our path in our souls
life, what we are currently doing in life and the assistance that we need at a certain time.   Also, the
higher self is considered as our own soul and also called higher conscience being.

Do you ever wonder who is with you?  Who you are receiving your information from, if its from telepathic
or dreams,  etc.?  Through this guided imagery meditation I will be guiding you into a deep meditative
state to connect with those  that are here to assist you in your life.  If you have a question or would like
information from them, make sure you bring one with you.  In the meditation you will ask them a question
and receive some form of an answer.  You will also learn during the meditation how to contact them and
how to recognize and know that they are around you.  Also, you will be guided to view what your higher
self looks like.

This class will help you when you do meditate to make that connection on your own. A brief channeled
message will  be given to each that attends.

Purchase this to listen to online at your convenience and unlimited times $5
40 minutes (this does not include the channel message as you would receive from the class)
Meeting your Spirit guides and Angels
Guided Imagery Meditation