Meditation crystal set


The crystals are used for enhancing meditation. Place the crystals in your left
hand, on your body or beside you while meditating.

This set comes with:
One quartz crystal point and your choice of two crystals listed below.
Each crystal is approx. 1 – 1 ½ inches in raw state (except for moonstone which
is polished).
The crystals are cleansed and reiki attuned before you receive them. * I am a
Reiki Master/Teacher for over 20 yrs.
Included will be brief information about the crystal and a pouch to keep them in.

When purchasing, include your choices in the section “message to seller” box
at time of checkout. You can choose to leave box blank or write in please
choose for me. Then I will choose at random the crystals for your order.

* * This list fluctuates as our inventory changes so check back often and be
sure to message us with any questions.


Amethyst - calms and centers the mind so that it is receptive to answers that
rise up into awareness, enhances visualization and promotes altered states of

Apatite - encourages the development of deeper states of meditation and
reflection. It provides an inner clarity, peace, and oneness with the higher-self.

Chrysoprase - the energy of this stone may induce deep meditative states. It
will be enable you to make a connection with the Divine mind.

Girasol quartz - it is a great stone to carry when doing readings, healings or
meditating as it can bring clarity and insight to all things unseen.

Indigo gabbro - will attract clear messages into your meditations and dreams,
making it a great stone for intuitive learning and for connecting with your
higher consciousness.

Moonstone (polished/tumbled) - promotes receptivity to illumination and
wisdom, promotes calmness and peace of mind, helps one to reach higher
realms of consciousness, enables one to receive direction from the unconscious
mind, induces trances and encourages self-reflection.

Septarian - a phenomenal stone for connecting you with your guides. it expands
the waking consciousness of the third eye and crown chakras and enables the
throat chakra to assist you in delivering your healing guidance.

Fluorite - aids concentration, enables the mind to maintain a meditative and
centered space while in the midst of physical activity, helps one grasp higher
and more abstract concepts.

Lapis lazuli - stimulates the higher faculties of the mind, aids concentration,
aids in self-examination and contemplation.

Carnelian - clears extraneous thoughts in meditation, helps keep one focused,
aids concentration, helps focus the mind on higher intentions and goals.

Add to the set ~ Meditation oil blend 1/2 ounce 4.95

Please note that I do try to keep up with inventory, but if a crystal is sold out
before I can change the listing, I will contact you so that you may choose
another crystal.

The stones pictured are some of the stones that are from my inventory.