1’s - the situation is about to begin or in the beginning stages.  Beginnings, initiation, change, and starting something new.

2’s - Indicate a waiting period where there will be partial success, but more to be revealed later.  It can also indicate
reconciliation, a reunion and or an element of surprise.  Relating to others, partnership,  duality, choices, decisions,
partnerships, communication, sharing, weighing or balancing, alternatives and opportunities.

3’s - Indicate group activities or situations involving more than one person.  It can also indicate delay, but with the promise
of success.  Growth, multiplying, plans beginning to become real, creativity, syntheses, self  expression and collaboration.

4’s - Indicate fruition or the manifestation of an idea, along with the foundation or space where things can grow.  
Stabilization, security, materialization, reality, situation is established, solid foundation and security.

5’s - Indicate change, challenge and fluctuation (lucky or unlucky) also material prosperity and spiritual poverty, if not
properly balanced or understood.  Change, disruption, growth - producing but difficult because the changes are not
desired.  Upsetting circumstances, disharmony, change, variety and insecurity.

6’s - Indicate adjustments in thoughts, attitudes or conditions.  Also, represents the ability to transcend difficulties.  
Harmony restored, balance, sharing, security, responsibility, home, work and stability.

7’s - Denote a period of introspection or solitude - also indicates unlooked; for advantages or gain through things that
come unexpectedly.  Success, retreat and a soul number.  Victory concerning ideas or personal ambitions, soul enfoldment,
reevaluation, deeper insight and a change of perspective.

8’s - a positive change of mind or status because the beneficial qualities of the number 8 are rarely diluted.  Success,
financially or with power issues, control, dominion, balanced expression of power.  Healing power, power, control,
organization and mastery of the situation.

9’s - Situations o r events are nearing completion or have just been completed and another plateau a waits.  Achievement,
more on a personal level concerning goals, ideas, emotional, mental or spiritual matters.  Attainment and endings,
fulfillment or completion of cycle.