Massage Session

Rewind Effect Therapy

Manipulating the body’s natural energy is effective in rewinding to

a state of harmony and balance.

This unique way of the session releases and heals on many levels. It rewinds the mind / body / spirit to a state of balance and harmony. An approach of releasing techniques that are non-invasive and allows the individual to release and regain balance. It is a mixture of my therapies of massage, my unique energy technique, and acupressure.

In all my sessions, if it is just to relax, do some therapeutic or even deep tissue * releasing of the muscles you will leave relaxed and feeling that inner peace.

There is such a misbelief of a massage should hurt the client to get rid of those knots that cause pain. Some even heard that massage should be so intense pressure that it hurts. Very misleading information and not true at all. Massage should never be painful or so much pressure that you hurt. One thing that can do is tear the tendons and muscle. The person leaves the session only thinking the pain will go away or it helped them. Only to have the muscle feeling the same way a couple or few days later and probably a lot worse than before the session.

For any muscle or even the physical body to heal, it but be calm and relaxed. It cannot be in a state of chaos to achieve any type of healing or therapy to work properly.

My techniques to loosen muscles, break down those annoying knots or other issues you may have come from over 20 years’ experience as a licensed massage therapist. One of the techniques is acupressure and my unique way of doing this. It is one of the most effective ways that I know how to heal the muscles, the entire body and relax the mind and emotions. Along with being a Reiki master, teacher, and healer for over 25 years, the healing energy naturally flows through me allowing the client to become calm, relaxed and start the healing process.

One of my clients called me ‘the muscle whisper.’ She described it as “She goes within the client’s body and gets the muscle to release and relax in some way. It is like Carla Mary can see the muscle and works the entire length of where it starts and finishes. She clears all that is bothering the muscle through her techniques. It is like she tells it to release, and it does.”

At the start of the session, I will ask you what you would like to achieve in the session today. This can also be done by sending me a note in the online scheduling to save time. If it is just to relax from stress, relax and work on certain areas of muscles that are more tense or giving you problems currently. or incorporate healing techniques for any physical or emotional issues that you may be experiencing at this time. This can be incorporated in your session as time allows.

The session time includes time for you to get ready for the massage (disrobing) and finishing by getting dressed.

All my massage sessions include warm towels on the feet and back and a few hot stones on the back to loosen the muscles. You can choose a massage blend that I have to add to the session. Or you can choose to have a premade blend to heal the muscles and to relax, plain fractionated coconut oil or massage cream to be used. CBD massage oil can be used at an additional cost.

My pressure is firm to begin with and I can adjust it to the client’s preference. Please note that I do not and will not apply any deep pressure that could cause harm, hurt the client or myself that I do not feel is appropriate or safe.

What clients said about this therapy:

• ‘When she cradled my head, I could tell her energy was completely different than others. I had chronic migraines and during the session it went away. No more migraines and they have not returned.’ Debra, Sarasota

• ‘I have had spine issues since childhood that has caused problems throughout my life. It was amazing how my back feels aligned and how wonderful I feel since the treatment.’ Client from Orlando that is an MD

• ‘Amazing how Carla Mary was able to relieve the problem that I had in my lower back, hip, and leg. The therapy was very light over the trigger points that I only thought that without being painful it would not work. I stood up after it was done and could not believe how I felt. I can do my walking in the park again. Just a miracle.’ ~ Client in Sarasota

• ‘I could feel the energy go through my body in gentle waves. The experience was very calming and made me feel very light and at peace. An experience that has put me back in balance.’ ~ Client in Sarasota

• ‘I never felt so at peace or not in pain after a massage. My muscles are not in pain, and I am so surprised that it is all better.’ C.B Sarasota

• ‘I was not sure about the massage session the first time. I am used to being sore from a massage and in pain afterwards. For years I have had back pain and spine problems with many surgeries over the years. I woke up the next morning feeling no pain and feeling better than I have in years. Her techniques work.’ Lorie Sarasota

*Deep tissue means going into the deeper layer of the muscles or muscle below the muscle that lays on top of it. By relaxing and preparing the muscles to achieve this technique. Never should it be painful.