Manifestation Circle
We can manifest things that we want and desire in your life by many different ways.  Here is an easy way to
do so that can be done at the beginning of the year and or on your birthday.

If you want to do this for the New Year and it is past January 1st, you still can do it.  On the top of the
paper write January 1st and the year.  With your pure intent, it will start at that time.  Remember in the
universe there is no time and space that is only on the earth plane caused by our mind.

This can also be done for children that are young.  I would say those that are at age that they cannot do it
for themselves - 12 and younger.  Even at that age, they can participate in this activity.

Start by getting a blank piece of paper, cardboard or poster board.  This will all depend on how much you
want to include on it.

I always write the things that I want and do not want on a separate paper then transfer it after I know what
I want on it.

Make a large circle on the paper.  Leave room for writing space around the outer edge of the circle.  Also,
above and below the circle.

In the middle of the circle, you will write down all the things, emotions and situations that you want to enter
your life.  

Example: happiness, harmony, better job, vacation, love…etc.

On the outside of the circle, write down all the things, emotions and situations that you want to leave your

Example: sadness, fear, financial problems, etc.

You also can include pictures of these things; a house you want - this should be an example of one and not
always the exact one.  If it is a car, a picture of one etc.  

On the top of the paper write the date.  Also, write, “I manifest this or its equivalent, for the highest good
of all, no harm to none, and free will of all’

If you do Reiki, you can draw on top of it the cho-ku-rei symbol three times.

It then can be placed in a safe place.  A drawer that has your personal items in.  On top of a dresser or
alter, underneath your bed or in between the mattress.

Always, and I do not know how more to express this point, write/manifest what you want with everything
covered.  Like the old saying dot, your I’s and cross your T's, because you might get what you did not want.
Did you cover all the basics like finances that will be needed - how are your to get the finances and from
whom to help with this, job, clients, etc. The structure of your desires.

Never take free will away from another. Point to make, when we put a name on someone to enter our lives -
and per chance that person was not suppose to remember of free will, that is taking will away. (like a love
spell - never put a picture / or a person into your desire for a mate to enter, bring in of like qualities and
list your qualities you want and those that you do not want and ask for your divine love to enter your life).

Do not insist on time lengths or set times. If this event, or thing, etc is to enter you will want to be ready -
and be honest sometimes we are not ready for everything to enter or happen or earth ego gets involved too
much. So ask for divine timing. Divine/the Universe knows when it is best for us.

Ask for the manifestation for that or its equivalent, to manifest, for the highest good of all concerned, no
harm to none in any way (mentally, physically, spiritually, financially) and of free will.

Another thing to mention we are asking the universe / Divine to manifest things but what happens we do not
repay back in someway to the universe. Pay back you might ask and question. Yes, they are creating this
energy /thing and at times, we take and take without giving in return back. Our Guides will tell you that just
to heal yourself or to be positive and not be so negative will help to enlighten and bring more positive/healing
energy to this earth plane. It can be as simple as that, and yes that is simple - question who or what around
you would tell you it is not simple - shadow or the light? Give something back as prayer work, healing,
kindness or just let your guides or angels tell you, they will. In addition, a major point to make, most people
think and that is the problem all the time of this manifestation and that brings in loss of faith that it is
happening. By sending it out once and have faith, if it is for your highest good you will receive it, if not it
was not and walk away from it. Remember if you did not get it, there could have been lessons attached with
it. We all came into this plane with lessons, do you need more? Answer should be no