Learn to do automatic writing

Automatic writing is a wonderful way of channeling your higher self, spirit guides and those on the other side through
writing.  Almost anyone can experience this intuitive divination tool of automatic writing.  The two main important
things are to have a relaxed mind and peaceful atmosphere to be able to accomplish this.

This form of communicating is known as psychography or spirit writing.  When we write without the active conscious
or also known as the present or earth mind, it is referred to as automatic writing.  The person that is writing does
not know what they are writing about.  This is a form of channeling or trance.  There are those that are fully aware
of their surroundings and are in a conscious state of mind.  But they are still unaware of what they are writing.  

This online course you can do at your own pace.  

You will learn the following:

What is automatic writing
How to prepare yourself
Finding the right place to do it in
Protecting your energies
Ways to enhance your experience
What to expect from it
Who to communicate with
Questions to ask
Goals for the session
Things that will be in the audio on opening your intuitive self
When to stop
Ending the session
Reading your messages

What you will need for this course

A pen or pencil, notebook to write in and your computer with audio or something that you can listen to the audio
that comes with it.

When you purchase this course, you will be emailed with the course text (20 pages) to read and go through that will
teach you how to do automatic writing.  In it will be links to my site with audios for you to listen to in assisting you
in opening the intuitive mind, energy protection and grounding.  When you are at the end of the course text there
will be a link for you to listen to an audio that will guide you through deep relaxation, energy protecting and opening
the intuitive mind.  It will be two different ones for listening to, one for 15 minute session of writing and one for 30
minutes.  First you will start with the 15 minute to learn and practice and then work your way to the 30 minute.  
At the end of the writing session in the audio, I guide you back to the present state and ground your energies.  The
audios are for you to listen to unlimited times or you can download them to your computer.  

Course fee $25   

Please note that I send the course when payment clears pay pal.  

copyright 2013 Carla Mary