Intuitive Development and Enhancement Crystal Set

$17.95   PURCHASE

Crystals are a wonderful tool to use while developing your intuitive abilities. They
can be used for those that currently do divination or even meditating.

Set comes with:
One crystal point and your choice of four crystals of your choice.
The crystals are cleansed and reiki attuned before you receive them. * I am a
Reiki/Master Teacher for the past 20 years.
Included will be brief information about the crystal and a pouch to keep them in.
Each crystal is approx. 1 – 1 ½ inches in raw state.

When purchasing, include your choices in the section “message to seller” box at time
of checkout. You can choose to leave box blank or write in please choose for me.
Then I will choose at random the crystals for your order.

This list fluctuates as our inventory changes so check back often and be sure to
message us with any questions.


Amethyst – enhances psychic abilities of all types. This is also a great psychic
protection tool. It is a great meditation tool when used in preparation for psychic

Apatite - is a strong stone to aid the development of psychic gifts, and its energy also
helps spiritual attunement. It has a powerful ability to stimulate the development of
your psychic visionary abilities. The growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic
visions is quite common among many people who use the stone. If you are doing
channeling it will aid you to get the message through clearly and accurately.

Blue aventurine - meditating with this stone will allow you to connect with your inner
self and recognize your own psychic abilities. Can help one to develop and work with
intuition and empathy, and to explore psychic abilities that may have been repressed
in the past.

Carnelian – assists in developing your psychic abilities.

Girasol Quartz - assists us to develop qualities culturally associated with the
feminine like intuition,
emotions, and dreams. Since divination is also ruled by the Moon, girasol quartz is
good for scrying and keeping tools like Tarot cards cleansed.

Moonstone (polished) – it aids in communicating with spirit guides and heightening
psychic abilities.

Indigo Gabbro - it amplifies higher energies, making it easier for us to connect to the
Spirit world for tarot, readings, mediumship, channeling and trance. This brings
clarity to our spiritual gifts, our intuition and anything that we may need to remember
on a soul level.

Iolite – this increases clairvoyance abilities. It allows for any untapped psychic
abilities to awaken and emerge. It stimulates the third eye. Assisting the user to get
in touch with their own spirituality.

Kyanite – increases telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. It assists with communication
with spirit guides and channeling.

Lapis Lazuli – assists in connecting with spirit guides and angels. Prevents psychic
attack. Assists in developing intuition, enhancing abilities and clairvoyance. Working
with the throat chakra to enhance psychic communication.

Rainbow Fluorite – it enhances intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual connections and
spirit guides. It assists in opening the third eye and aids in achieving a higher
consciousness. This is wonderful to use for preparing for giving a psychic reading. It
also protects against negative energies and psychic attaches.

Sodalite - has a strong vibration that is particularly helpful to aid the development of
psychic abilities and with developing intuition.

Yellow Aventurine - opens the Third eye chakra.

Please note that I do try to keep up with inventory, but if a crystal is sold out before I
can change the listing, I will contact you so that you may choose another crystal.

The pictures are a sample of my crystal inventory.