When looking for a crystal ~  ‘how do you know which one is the best for you?’

You decide now is the time to first use a crystal or you may have been for a while.  Then you head to the place that sells them and of course you
can purchase them online now at reasonable and sometimes less expensive than a store.   You are standing in front of a bin or a basket that is full
of the crystal that you are looking to purchase.  But you are unsure of which one of the many of the same that are all together.

One of the best ways to find out which one is best and meant for you, is to go by your intuition.  You maybe questioning if you have one or are
intuitive enough to decide.  The answer is yes, you are!  Just because they are all together, some may have a better result for you than others.  
Every crystal may carry a different energy vibration or maybe able to connect to you in a different way than another.  They all have energy and are
still alive with chi energy.  Otherwise you would not use them, because they would have no power or usage for any one.  I am sure that you have
purchase some crystals before that you can not connect with.  This also can be anything that you use or purchase, that you either connect with it or
not; plants, people, crystals, pets, herbs, books and etc.

Here is a few things that can assist you in your next purchase of a crystal.  This can also be used for other things as well.

    First thing is to clear your mind before your purchase.  Don’t be in a rush, hurry or too emotional, this could affect your decision making
    process.  Take a couple of deep breaths in and out and even ground your energy.

    When standing in front of them, which one immediately grabbed your attention?  This is your gut response and all part of intuition called
    clairsentience.  We all have this ability if we choose to use it and even animals have it to (they all use it).  It will be one that stands out in a

    Ask your Spirit guides to assist you in choosing the correct one for you at that time.  I always ask ‘I call upon my Spirit guides of the light to
    assist me in ___________________ that will be used for my highest good.’  It will allow only those of the light and your guides only to

    You can use a pendulum or another oracle to find that special one.

    Placing your left hand over the group of crystals and in your minds eye or pure intent ~ with the intention ~ that you may find the one that is
    meant for you for your highest good.  Your left hand is the receiving hand.  You are able to feel energy with the left.  Scan the group of
    crystals, either as a group or placing some of them separately out of the group.  Feel which one is radiating more energy or you are receiving
    a positive feeling or intuitive response from.

These are the main ones that work the best.  I would recommend that anyone that tries these ways, to try the ones that are using your own intuitive
abilities before using the pendulum or an oracle.  Nothing wrong with using them.  But it is best to trust and learn to use your own abilities.

Now that you have choose the one for you and purchased it ~

Make sure to cleanse it before you use it.  Unfortunately, they do pick up energy, especially negative.  You will want to get ride of that energy of
where you purchased and any negative energy that it picked up.  
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