Find a place that you feel comfortable.  You can either sit or stand while you do this.   With both of your hands away from
your body direct them towards the ground .  This can even be done to plants and trees.  Take couple deep breaths in and
out.  With your intent you are allowing the healing energy to flow freely through you.  

You will be able to feel the energy come through your hands.  It may feel like heat coming out, energy passing through as
feeling air and or vibration in your palms.  Even the feeling of sensations in your palms at tingling, electric or prickling - but
in a nice way.  This is the healing energy.  

Now you can also visualize to enhance the experience that white and golden light is coming into your crown chakra and
passing through to your hands.  While you are doing the healing work you can say a prayer for the earth.

Remember it is our responsibility being here on earth and as light workers to take care of mother earth.  When we assist in
channeling in the healing energy we also are being healed.  That is the miracle of healing.
Healing the Mother Earth