Group reading ~ asking questions and answers

Do you have a group of individuals that would like a reading as a group?  

Group readings are presented in a group setting.  Conducted as a gathering of like-minded inquirers, we experience a free-flowing
connection to our guides.

In these group sessions, we allow the spirit energies to provide the direction of the conversation. We follow the guidance given,
allowing answers and information to help those in inquiry. Although this is an open format,  guests have found a clear, calm mind and
meditation prior to the event helpful in making a connection during the conversation.

Each individual attends receives a reading within the time period that you have chosen.  This is different than separate readings
because each person will receive a reading / answering the questions that they have all together.  Besides the regular questions that
most individuals ask, you can as questions you may have regarding metaphysical, supernatural, intuitive, psychic development and
things that you are or have experienced.   

Questions will be all written down or asked  individually in front of the  group instead of everyone receiving separate reading.  

The reading and asking question time will be equally shared between each individual.  Unless that someone does request more time
and it is agreed with the group. The readings are done all together, everyone that attends must be present for this.   

Please contact me about pricing to travel to you.   I do offer this at my location which I will serve refreshments for
everyone to enjoy.