Always remember to ground yourself while you are  doing healing work on yourself or others.  You should try to
ground yourself at least every other day, if not every day.

You will find that your energy patterns will change and you will learn to feel that you need to ground yourself.  
Some of these feelings include:

An Out of balance feeling from the new energy you are receiving.
The feeling that you can not release during healing yourself or at anytime.
The feeling of overwhelming; sadness, anger or old emotions that you are having a hard time releasing.
Feeling of negative energy around or within you.


Hugging or grabbing onto a tree and sending your energy to the tree. Always thank the tree for helping you and
ask Divine or the angels to heal the energy that you just released.

Putting your hands on the earth.

Walking outside or inside bare foot; this technique will not totally ground you, but it will help keep you grounded.

Carrying obsidian or hematite stones.

Stand outside with your shoes off. Stand up straight; make sure nothing is crossed. Take three deep breaths in and
out. Through your crown chakra  visualize the divine light (white light or white golden light) coming through your
crown. Make this light come through your entire body down through your entire body, down to your feet. Visualize
a rock in the earth six inches below you. As this light coming through you, wrap it around the rock.

Knowing that all the negative and unwanted energy is leaving your energy bodies.

This usually takes anywhere from one minute to five minutes. You will know when you are done after doing this a
few times. Move your feet around and this will disconnect you from the grounding process.

If  you feel that now you are too grounded, wiggle your feet around and it will loosen the grounding feeling.

You may also put your hands  in back of you above the hip area  and this will help to ground.

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