This is a little bio that I found on Saint Germain from the internet: It was with this name that the mysterious adept
became known in the European courts in the XVIII century. He bought this title in San Germano, Italy, by the Italian
Tyrol, a town that is just a few hours away from Milan, and which has a beautiful church. By 1997 only a few habitants
remained. Saint Germain was known for being related to the Sha of Persia in 1731, the Stuart in 1741, Louis XV in 1748 and
of Catalina of Russia in 1762. Former Chohan of the Seventh Ray. At present he is responsible for being the King of the
Golden Age during the first two thousand years, period which corresponds to the radiation of the Violet Ray. Also
known as the God of Liberty and Avatar Aquarius. As a Being of Infinite Compassion, He has earned the merit of being
the depositary of the Radiation of Amida Buddha, Being of Infinite Light and Splendor without Limits.

He is known in the occult levels as the Master R or simply as THE COUNT. His name Count of Saint Germain means: “The
Saint Brother of the Community.” By simply saying the name “Saint Germain” the surroundings are filled with the Violet
Ray, because his name alone is a mantra.

Personal note:

Saint Germain is considered to be an ascended master. The keeper of the violet flame. I use the violet flame to assist in
all my phases of spiritual growth and enlightment. This is very powerful to do.

The violet flame is more than violet light. It is an invisible spiritual energy that appears violet to those who developed
their spiritual vision. In previous centuries, knowledge of the violet flame was given only to a chosen few who have
proven themselves worthy. Saints and adepts of east and west have long used the violet flame to accelerate their
spiritual development, but this once secret knowledge was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century.

The violet flame has many purposes. It revitalizes and invigorates us. It can heal emotional and even physical problems,
improve relationships and make life easier. More important the violet flame changes negative energy into positive
energy, which makes it an effective tool for healing. Today we are learning more than ever before about how disease
can be rooted in our mental, emotional and spiritual states. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet
flame provides a platform for our healing. The violet flame is the essence of one of the seven rays. Spiritual light
manifest as seven rays. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality of God’s consciousness. The violet ray is
known as the seventh ray. When you invoke it in the name of God, it descends as a beam of spiritual energy and bursts
into a spiritual flame in your heart as the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation. Saint
Germain is known as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Each time we pray to him he bring us many gifts of Spirit; his joy,
diplomacy and creativity. He can inspire us with his innovations in science, literature, religion, government, philosophy,
education, healing, alchemy and other fields.

Decrees are rhythmic prayers that call forth a powerful spiritual energy. This light energy, combined with visualization,
has the special quality of erasing and transmuting negative aspects of us. To transmute is to alter in form, appearance
or nature, especially to change something into a higher form. The term was used by ancient alchemist who sought to
change base metals into gold, separating the “gross” from the “subtle” by means of heat. The most spiritual of the
alchemists were in search of a way to change the lead of negative human energy into the gold of divine energy. Some of
them accomplished this goal by using the secrets of the violet transmuting flame. Mystics throughout the ages have
known how to use this energy. But it was not taught publicly until the 1930 are when Guy and Edna Ballard founded the
“I AM” religious activity. The Ballards wrote of the violet flame as the “means by which any human being can free he
from is own human discord and imperfection”.

Giving five to fifteen minutes of violet flame decrees in the morning or evening will help you maintain a feeling of peace
throughout the day no matter what happens to you. The violet flame can free you to progress spiritually, to enjoy the
full benefit of positive energy descending from your God Presence and to realize your highest potential. Uniting with
your higher self can take many years or even lifetimes. But each time you invoke the violet flame, you are bringing
yourself closer to that goal.

Nine steps for putting the Violet Flame into action in your life:

Set aside a time each day to give violet flame.
Begin your violet flame session with a prayer. - Before you begin your decrees, give a prayer or invocation, asking the
Ascended Masters, angels and elementals to come and help you.
Invoke protection before you start using the violet flame. - Never invoke the violet flame without first calling for
protection. The Masters teaches that when you bring forth more light, darkness is drawn to it, as if by a magnet. So you
need to seal your aura with the white and blue protective energy. One of the best ways to do this is to invoke the tube
of light and the protection of Archangel Michael.
Begin your violet-flame decree with a preamble. “In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in
me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray. I ask
you to _______. I ask that my call is multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and
I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God.
Give the decree slowly at first and then speed up as you give more repetitions of the decree.
Us visualizations to assist your spiritual work. - To people who have developed their spiritual sight, the violet flame
looks like fire, in colors ranging from dark indigo and brilliant amethyst to violet pink.
Use violet flame every day.
Use the violet flame to heal the records of past lives.
Expand the scope of your invocations to include cleaning up karmic debris in your house, your neighborhood and planet.
Repeat the decrees 3 or 9 times and work your way up. Always add the number 3 to the amount.

I AM the violet flame, In action in me now, I AM the violet flame, To light alone I bow, I AM the violet flame, In mighty
cosmic power, I AM the light of God, Shining every hour, I AM the violet flame, Blazing like a sun, I AM God’s sacred
power, Freeing every one

The meaning of I AM the violet flame is God in me is the violet flame, transforming ourselves so that we can become
more closely united with God.


Beloved I AM presence bright, round me seal your tub of light. From Ascended Master flame called forth now in God’s
own name. Let it keep my temple free from all discord sent to me. I AM calling forth violet fire, to blaze and transmute
all desire, keeping on in freedom’s name till I AM one with the violet flame.


Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael above, Lord
Michael below, Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go. I AM HIS LOVING PROTECTING HERE! I AM HIS LOVING


Guard, guard, guard us! By the lightning of thy love. Guard, guard, guard us! By thy great self above. Guard, guard,
guard us! By thy secret power of light. Guard, guard, guard us! By thy great and glorious might.. and seal us safe
forever in thy diamond heart of light.
I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the purity God desires

You can insert in the above instead of I AM use; your home, city, nation or the planet.

Lovely God presence, I AM in me, hear me now I do decree: bring to pass each blessing for which I call upon the Holy
Christ self of each and all. Let violet fire of freedom roll, round the world to make all whole, saturate the earth and its
people too, with increasing Christ radiance shining through. I AM this action from God above, sustained by the hand of
heaven’s love, transmuting the cause of discord here, removing the cores so that none do fear. I AM I AM I AM. The full
power of freedom’s love, raising all earth to heaven above, violet fire now blazing bright in living beauty is gods own
light. Which right now and forever sets the world, myself, and all life, eternally free in Ascended Master perfection.
Almighty I AM almighty I AM almighty I AM


Radiant spiral violet flame, descend now blaze through me. Radiant spiral violet flame, set free, set free, set free.
Radiant spiral violet flame, o come, expand and blaze thy light through me, Radiant spiral violet flame, o come, reveal
God’s power for all to see. Radiant spiral violet flame, o come, awake the earth and set it free. Radiant spiral violet
flame, expand and blaze through me. Radiant spiral violet flame, expand for all to see. Radiant spiral violet flame,
establish mercy’s outpost here, Radiant spiral violet flame, come, transmute now all fear.


Breath of God inside each cell, I AM the violet flame, pulsing out the cosmic time, I AM the violet flame ,energizing mind
and heart, I AM the violet flame, sustaining God’s creation now, I AM the violet flame,. with all love with all love ,with
all love. Shimmering in a crystal cave, I AM the violet flame, searching out all hidden pain, I AM the violet flame,
consuming cause and core of fear, I AM the violet flame, revealing now the inner name, I AM the violet flame, with all
peace, with all peace, with all peace, Flashing like a lightning bolt , I AM the violet flame, stretching through the
galaxies ,I AM the violet flame, connecting soul and spirit now ,I AM the violet flame, raising you to cosmic heights ,I AM
the violet flame ,with all power, with all power, with all power.