Feng Shui for overcoming addictions

Asian theory says that too much heat or warmth may contribute to addiction issues.  An imbalance in this area is present
and balance is needed.  Feng Shui is about energy and restoring balance and harmony where needed.  Addictions to
alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, work, etc. are an imbalance in the person’s chi (energy).

In the home, balancing the feng shui:

  • Health/center area of the feng shui bagua.  Use healthy plants and flowers.  Show images that depict health and
    gardens or landscapes.  Fabrics of floral prints and stripes.  Wood furnishings.  Have photos of friends and family.  
    Add in colors of blues and greens.
  • Family / elders area of the feng shui bagua.  This is the area of strength.  When this area is balanced, the chi energy
    you experience is vital health, harmonious relationships, security and courage.  It will assists in meeting life’s
    challenges, finding strength and the ability to forgive and move on.
  • Equally balance of the feng shui elements
  • Balance the yin and yang with good light and chi circulation.    Mixture of hard and soft surfaces and light and dark
  • Use a dimmer switch to make sure the lighting is not under or over lighted.
  • Using the color white to balance.
  • Removing items in the home that represent or were used in the addiction issue.
  • Decluttering the space, clean and space clearing.
  • Getting rid of items that are carrying the energy of the past or brings memories of the past the might evoke sadness,
    negativity or wanting to use a substance.
  • Display art work, quotes etc. show powerful affirmations.
  • Use items of the water element that associates with release and renewal.
  • Place lucky bamboo in the eastern part of your home for good health and longevity.