Enhancing your bath ritual

Hippocrates said ‘The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day’.  It would be nice if this was
possible for everyone.  With our busy lives, it may not always be.  But you can treat yourself once a week or more in this way
of meditation bath.

A couple of the best ways to let go and relax are; meditation, healing time ~ which includes letting go and a bath.  You can do
this all together in your privacy of your own home.  Make this time a ritual for you.

Some things that you can add to your bath to calm your mind and body ~

Epson salts ~ not only it helps you to relax but it also assists in removing toxins and stress from your muscles. You can use one
cup or more.  Some packages even recommend using more.  It will turn your bath into a mineral bath.
Essential oils ~ vetiver and rose oil just to name two.  Make sure to always dilute with some form of a base (put on your
Epsom salts, dry milk, milk, baking soda or sea salt) before you add it to the bath.  Otherwise it will float on the water and go
directly to your skin, which is unsafe for you.  
Grated ginger
Powdered milk
Baking soda
Sea salt ~ great for purification and removing negative energies.
Flower essence

You may want to incorporate into the room to enhance your experience ~

Soft music
Listening to a guided mediation
White candle
Oil burner with essential oils burning ~ for meditation try; grapefruit, clary sage is one of the best for meditation, lavender are
just a few
Close the bathroom door and you are giving yourself a time to disconnect from the outside world and everyone. Now allow for
the retreat to begin.
Burn some white sage in the room
Have a window cracked/open with the intent to allow for negative energy to leave.

Going inward in a relaxation state allows for us to calm our nerves and allowing the digestive system and immune to strengthen.  
It is a great way to boost yourself.

Make sure during this time to not hurry.  Focus in on your breathing.  

Take the rest of the time to do a meditation, guided imagery or your own.  It will be all up to you for the time length and
how you choose to meditate.