During this session the focus is on relaxation and energy healing, clearing and balancing.  This is
a full body massage that the client is draped during the session.  I will be channeling the Reiki
energy healing during the entire session while you relax listening to soothing healing music.  
Before the session I will ask the client for any areas that need more attention that may require
more energy clearing.  Emotional, physical or spiritual issues focused on during this session.  

In the session, I direct the energy to flow freely and clearing blocks that maybe within the
energy fields and physical body. I will be working with the energy field, aura and energy chi
channels to clear, heal and balance.  At the end of the session, I will spend time working directly
with the chakras by channel energy to each of them.  

The intent is balance within the energy channels, auric field and an overall wellbeing feeling.    
Energy Healing Massage