During a healing session you can expect the atmosphere to be peaceful, safe, relaxing and calm.  In the session I will
assist you in releasing the blocks within you.  The blocks that are within can be from things that you have an attachment
from; material things, emotions, situations, people and anything from the past and or present.  Before the session the
client can fill out an intake ahead of time or inform me at the time of session what they feel that is blocking them.  It can
be they are experiencing that is bring in dis-harmony in their life.   By filling out the form on my scheduling page ahead
of time will save time spent during the session on receiving the information.

During the energy session, I will go through each one (time allowed) to be release, heal and let go through verbally and
energetically clearing.  Reiki and other energy techniques that I use in sessions will be performed during this session.

After the treatment my clients express to me a great relief, feeling energy lighter and clearer, peace of mind and over all
well-being.  I will go over things to do after the healing session to assist you on the healing and harmony on the mind,
body and spirit.

< This can be included during a intuitive session >