Decorative candle jars
Decorative jars made from 1/4 pint to quart size mason jars.  Each are individually spray painted with stained glass spray
paint or sea glass spray paint in colors of green, blue, red (cranberry), yellow, orange and purple.  Decorated with a label of
the design listed and handmade beaded accents.  Some jars have with or without the beads either natural hemp, satin
cord, leather or cotton cord attached.  Each is accented with a charm that is listed in the description.  

Every jar comes with a battery operated tea light that lasts up to 100 hrs.  It is advised to use the battery luminaries
instead of candles because of accented material used and safety precautions as they might become flammable.  

Pick up is available in Palmetto FL if you are in the area to save shipping charges and packaging.  

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Moments are blessed to purchase and description of each jar.