Crystal Massage Therapy

    Heal your energy centers while healing your body

Experience this empowering massage that incorporates the use of the hand and many different types of large and medium palm size crystals.  
Crystals have been used as massage tools for many centuries.  They work on many different levels of our emotions, physical body and spiritual

Smoothed polished crystals are used during the session.  The client is asked some brief questions and the stones are coordinated for their needs
at that time of the session.  Crystals are Reiki attuned to allow for the highest energy of the crystal to be used on a mind, body and spirit level.  
The use of crystals allows for your energy and aura to be cleared, aligned and centered.  The stones are cleared and cleansed between sessions.

Crystals that I use during the session:

Clear quartz/all chakras
Peach Moonstone / heart, solar plexus, sacral chakras
Carnelian / sacral and base chakra
Rose Quartz / Heart chakra
Sodalite / throat and third eye chakra
Smokey Quartz / solar plexus and base chakra
Fire agate / solar plexus, sacral and base chakra
Bloodstone / sacral and base chakra
Amethyst / third eye and crown chakra
Amethyst banded / crown and third eye chakra
Fluorite / heart, throat and third eye chakra
Ruby in Fuchisite / heart chakra
Moss Agate / heart and crown chakra
Rhodonite / heart chakra
Labradorite / crown, third eye throat and heart chakra
Amazonite / heart and throat chakra
Selenite / all chakras