Crystal healing and empowering ~ for self-healing and others

What is crystal healing? It is the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing.  It is a
form of vibrational therapy.

Crystals and minerals have been around from the beginning of times. Ancient cultures have used
crystals in the art of healing for as long as documented history. The use of crystals in healing was
used in ancient times as a powerful tool for assisting in healing and empowerment.    There are
different crystals that relate to each chakra in the healing and enhancement of its energy field.

In this class we will learn and experience:
  • Caring for your crystals by cleaning, clearing and charging them.
  • Which crystals are used for the chakras. (Crystals that are easily and common to find)
  • You will discover how the crystals draw in energy to assist us.
  • Learn ways that crystals can assist in enhancing meditation and promoting spiritual
  • Experience the different energies of many different types of crystals.
  • How to work with the chakras before, during and after the session.
  • How to clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field.
  • Learn how to use hands on healing and energy healing with crystals.
  • Guided meditation on healing with a crystal.
  • How to feel the healing energy of the crystal.
  • Group crystal healing session

This class is for all levels from the beginner to advance.  All that attends will need to participate in
the class.

Everyone that attends the class will receive a 7 piece chakra healing crystal set.