Cold Stone Massage

Cold stone massage is performed with using smooth marble stone that are specially made and polished
for the use in massage.  The stones are chilled in an ice bath to achieve the right temperature that
is needed.  With a combination of lavender (if can choose not to use the essential oil) allows for a
therapeutic and relaxation experience.

The benefits of cold stone massage are not only for beauty but on a pain relief and well-being level.  
One of the benefits of cold stone massage is that it can provide a deep state of relaxation, a release
of tension, as well as, a reduction of swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, trauma or injuries
to muscles.

  •    Sinus tension relief
  •    Good for TMJ
  •    Tired eyes
  •    Headaches
  •    Tension around the eyes and mouth
  •    Calms and quiets the overactive mind
  •    Skin irritation
  •    Fatigue
  •    Stress

The focused areas of this massage are the face, neck and head.

The session is about 15 minutes and can be added into a massage or healing session for an additional
$15  (this can be added to a 60 min massage allowing for the last 15 minutes )

When scheduling your session, please advise me at that time that you would like this session.  I do
not always have the stones with me at all times.