Clear Quartz for Manifesting

Clear quartz is a most powerful crystal to amplify all vibrations.  Whatever energy you are vibrating currently, it
will resonate to it.  It is very important when working with crystals to have positive thoughts.  You will also need
to have a strong belief regarding your ability to manifest your desires.

Crystal quartz is very clear and translucent in its appearance and therefore it is the manifestation of light and
clarity in the material realm. It symbolizes our striving for perfection in our inner growth and raising our
consciousness toward higher levels.

It represents the properties of the Sun ~ light and Saturn ~ crystallization. It assists us in showing the way
toward the life affirming light, lifting you up into a more positive inner state, calming your mind, and helping you
focus on what is important to you.  This is a powerful crystal to use for manifesting any desires that you may
have.  It will store the energy then amplify its energy.  

Used in meditation, a quartz crystal will help you to soothe your mind and relax. The perfect structure and
alignment of the crystal has the unique ability to deepen your meditation. You can use a quartz crystal to store
your prayers, mental images, and feelings and enhance your alignment with your visions.

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