Clearing the auric field with crystals
Crystals in healing is not a new thing.  They have been used for thousands of years in this form of practice.  It  can
be used to clear the auric field from negative energy.  Not only clearing can be done, but also you can use crystals
for the protection, strengthening, healing and energizing.    It can be used for healing various punctures in your auric
field, to remove negativity, entities, and etc.

Some of the crystals that can be used are:  
 aqua aura, smoky quartz, amber, amethyst, citrine, jet, labradorite,
selenite, fluorite, and tourmaline.

Wands to use in aura clearing

They can be made from many forms of crystals; selenite, florite and clear quartz just to name a few.  One of my
favorite it sellenite.  

To clear the auric field for your self

In one hand place the wand or crystal that you will be using.  Place the opposite arm out to the side.  Start with
the wand on the opposite side of the top of the head. Moving it downward toward your arm on top, around the
hands and underneath the arm.  Following down the side of the body towards the feet.  Under the foot and up the
inner leg to the other leg and down again to under the foot.  Change hands.  Repeat the other side.  Then run the
wand in front of you from head to feet.  Do this with the intent of the back side also being cleared.  Unless you
have someone to assist you they can run the wand from the back from head to feet.

Making an crystal water spray for cleansing  

Use purified water and a glass bowl.  Place a crystal that you have dedicated for this purpose only.  The crystal can
be clear quartz, rose quartz and moonstone.  Place the crystal and water in the glass bowl.  Take the bowl outside
under the moon at night.  In the morning it will be ready.  Place the water in a spray bottle.  Spray your body
with this water after a cleansing shower or bath.  Also, some of the water can be placed in a purification bath.

Strengthening your auric field

Strengthening your aura can be done by using two crystals that you have programmed with this intent.  You can
dedicate two crystals for this purpose to use only for this.  The crystals to use can be quartz crystal, black
tourmaline or amber.  Use the same to for this process.  Place one in each hand and hold them for twenty minutes
with the intent of strengthening your aura.