Healing and clearing the chakras
Guided Imagery Meditation
This meditation on self healing is most requested through the years by my students. The  intent of this meditation
of removing the blocks should be set in your mind before the meditation. During the meditation you will be going
within and shown what needs to be removed from you.   At that time, you are able to heal and remove the blocks
that are within.

It begins by guiding you into deep relaxation and clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I will be guiding you into
healing each chakra by finding and removing blocks that are within. You will learn the blocks that can exist within
each chakra. We will bring in positive chi energy to enhance more light within each chakra.  Doing this meditation will
assist you in the healing process.

Purchase this to listen to online  unlimited times.   $5  

Private meditations are available for groups.  Please contact me for more information and pricing.  I am available to
travel to your location to do meditations - available for groups, events and work places.