To give those that do not know about the chakras or those that need a little refresher, the following is information on the
chakras.  This is important to know for the meditation so that you are able to follow along.

    First chakra is the base.  Color is red it is located in the pelvic area.
    Second chakra is the sacral.  Color is orange and is located from the navel to the pelvic bone.
    Third chakra is the solar plexus.  Color is yellow and is located from the diaphragm to the navel.
    Fourth chakra is the heart chakra.  Color is green and is located in the breast/chest area.
    Fifth chakra is the throat chakra.  Color is blue as the color of the sky, located from lower lip to clavicle of the chest.
    Sixth chakra is the third eye chakra.  Color is indigo and is located about two to three fingers above the brow to the
    upper lip.
    Seventh chakra is the crown.  Color is violet and is located on the top of the head.

The  intent of this meditation of removing the blocks should be set in your mind before the meditation. During the meditation
you will be going within and shown what needs to be removed from you.   At that  time, you are able to heal and remove the
blocks that are within.

In this medication you will see or sense the blocks that are within. The blocks may be shown to you as discoloration of the color
of the chakra. If the chakra for example is the color orange, the blocks could be presented as colors of muddy, clouded or
darker colors that do not belong in that  energy center. Orange would be a vibrant and bright healthy color. Also, they may
show you blocks as pictures of people and situations that are tied to the blocks. You may see pictures of these people, situations
and places. Also, see words associated with blocks that are within each chakra. You may feel negative feelings that relates to the
chakra. Remember you will view what is inside of you.  I will be saying all the possibilities that are possible to be within each of
the chakra.  Some of them you may not have, and you may have some or many.  Each individual is different to what we go
through in life.

During the time of the meditation you may feel the emotions coming up through this time.  Do not keep them inside make sure
to let them go. Just relax and allow them to leave you by deep breathing in and out.  This will allow it to release out.  In my
classes and in healing sessions I  show this technique that assists in the energy to release out. When the emotions or memories
come up breath into it and imagine that you will release it into a white balloon with your breath.  You are releasing the negative
energy into the balloon.  This is on the esoteric level and it does work great.  It takes it  out from within ourselves and also out of
the auric field.  You can also add in to ask for the assistance of the angels to seal the balloon and take it for healing.  

Another thing that you can also add into this meditation within your minds eye say when you remove a block or clear the
chakra is “I heal and release this from myself, that it is no longer excepted in my present or future.  I release it to the light to be

We must remember to have faith in what we do once we doubt anything nothing will work. Just as are pure intent will make
things happen for us.  Our doubts and wondering if it working will stop anything from happening.

Notice how you feel after the releasing. It can feel like a dark cloud has left you. That you feel lighter more relaxed but at the
same time allowing  more spiritually energy is flowing through you.

Once into the meditation state you'll bring your awareness to the chakra that I am going over starting with the base chakra.  
Visualize yourself with in this chakra energy center. Experiencing the energy by sensing the vibration and feelings within. What
color do you see within this chakra? Do you see the color that this chakra is supposed to be? What other colors do you see
within this chakra?

Now notice that you have in your hand a white bag. Within this bag you will insert all the blocks all the negative energies that
you find within this chakra. This bag can withstand and hold anything that you put within it. Knowing that as soon as these
blocks of negative energy into the bag it will be removed.  Removed  from your life from your present and your future and no
longer with you.

Now look around in those chakra to find any blocks within, that can be of the following: discoloration, words, people, feelings,
situations, and anything else that this chakra is showing you that needs to be removed. Insert into the bag any negative energy
relating to blocks that you find with an input into the bag.

Look around within this energy center after you have removed the blocks. How does this energy center feel now? Is the color of
this energy center more brighter and vibrant?

At the ending of the meditation, you will tie the  bag with the golden rope. Then ask the healing angels to take this bag to
remove it and send it to a light for healing. Watch as the bag is being lifted and removed. Now visualize your energy center that
you cleared being filled with gold and white light. As this light will enhance and purify these energy centers.

This meditation is one that you can always do and find more things inside to remove. This is one from time to time to check
back in with. If you do any forms of hands on healing work during the meditation you may also place your hands upon the
chakra that you are doing the healing work with.

Remember during the meditation to include in the deep breath work to help you release.  The benefits that are felt with the
inner clearing is the feeling of calm.  Your energies may even feel more lighter and clearer.  

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