Bye Bye Negativity Smokeless Sacred Smudge Spray
                    Energy Clearing-Protection Mist

Your choice of sacred essential oil blends:

* Palo Santo with Sage and Cedar
* Sage
* Sage and Cedar
* Sage, Cedar and Juniper
* Sage, Cedar and Sandlewood

Smudging is a ritual to clear energy and purify your space for removing negative energy and to protect the space.
Traditionally, you'd burn dried white sage and another herb to smudge. This is a wonderful and widely used technique for
getting rid of unwanted negative energy in your home. Do you need to clear your space: home, office, where you’re
sleeping and staying, vehicle, or any place that lighting incense and smoke is not allowed? Unfortunately, not all places
we can smudge that is why the smokeless spraying mist is a great alternative.

These smokeless spraying mist is a great alternative to burning sage and other herbs. Of course, the best is burning
white sage. But if you are unable to burn it or other things, then this is a great alternative.

Just one spray or two, depending on area that is needed to be cleared, and with your pure intent of clearing and removing
negativity, that is all you need.

A blend of pure essential oils are used which are used in traditional clearing ceremonies.

Tips for use:

  • Use for cleansing crystals and other objects by spraying lightly (1 spray).
  • One or two sprays per room when cleansing the space.
  • Clear your aura by spraying above your head in the air upward, eyes closed if possible so it does not get into the
    eyes. Stand there for about a minute and allow the mist to fall down around your body. (1 light mist)
  • Spray entry ways into your home or work place to clear negative energy from entering.
  • Spray your sacred space before meditating, healing or intuitive work.

You can choose to have the bottle infused with Reiki energy that will help clear out and neutralize negative energy. I am a
Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner for twenty years.

  • Shake gently before using
  • Always point away from your face and eyes.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place or some have placed it in the refrigerator in a seal plastic baggy so no odor containments
    enter or escape. It can keep about 3 months or more, depending on storage and usage.
  • This product is made to order so that it is fresh when you order it.
  • For external use only.

Palo Santo aka Holy Wood or Sacred Wood - Known for its very spiritual energy. It has been used by the Incas to purify
and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Palo Santo has a spiritual connection and is emotional grounding. Use it
during meditation to connect with spirit and stay focused. Centering, clearing, grounding and protection. Has a sweet,
balsamic and earthy aroma with incense-like overtones. Opens the third eye and crown chakras.

Sage - disinfecting, cleansing, and clearing out negativity, invigorating. Sage has been used as smudge and burning the
essential oil or the leaves will clear out all negativity and evil. It has powerful disinfecting properties and will kill germs
both on the physical level and on the psychic level. In ceremony or ritual, state an intention to keep away all unwanted
spirits and your area will be safe. Assists with cleansing, purifying and mentally stimulating. It has a strong scent, spicy
and herbaceous. (Please note not to use on skin if you are pregnant and not to be used on young children, those who
have epilepsy or high blood pressure. Use only as a room spray)

Cedar aka cedarwood - The scent of cedar attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energies. It is used for promoting
spirituality, courage, strengthening, purification, protection and grounding. The scent of woody, sweet and pleasant.

Sandalwood – It assists with protection, healing, spiritual connection, insight. Used in ancient times for enhancing
spiritual vision and inner wisdom. This aromatherapy scent is warm, balsamic, woodsy, and earthy

Juniper – The earthy, woodsy aroma of Juniper creates a peaceful atmosphere when used. Used for removing negative
energies, grounding and spiritual protection. Woodsy fresh aroma.


DISCLAIMER: The smokeless spraying mists are an addition to other tool used in energy work it is not our intention to
replace or guarantee the results of your personal rituals or ceremonies. Our products are for external use only. The user
assumes all benefits, as well as risks and responsibility for any consequences foreseen or otherwise which may result
from the use of our products.

While we use trusted and tested materials, we do not know personal medical history and so the product user assumes all
risk for any reactions, allergies or negative results, which may result from the use of our products. Essential oils may
stain clothing, fabrics, skin and or furniture. Purchasing our products implies acceptance of this information and the
release of any liabilities.

It will be prudent to consult a physician, therapist or spiritual advisor before using these products if you are not sure of
any reaction after using any herbs, oils, incense or sprays as well as any rituals or ceremonies.

The customer must be over 18 years of age and takes all the responsibilities when purchasing and using our products.