Meeting your animal totem spirit

Animal Totem Spirits are here to assist us with their energy, vibration and help us in our lives here on earth. This meditation through deep relaxation techniques will assist you in discovering your animal totem spirits. You will be guided through a beautiful scenery to meet with your animal totems. You will find out which ones are with you and why they are with you. You will experience feeling their energy and power within you. This will assist you in healing and empowering yourself.

Most people that are here on earth have lost contact with their connection to the earth and the animal kingdom. Animals have a much different consciousness than that of humans, and for many, are considered lesser beings. It is believed that animals have souls, just as humans do. The souls continue to communicate and impart their knowledge and love, after they have passed on. These souls are the animal spirit guides or called totems.

It is believed that each person has a number of animal spirits with them during various parts of their life. Some come for a fleeting moment, while others remain for years, or a lifetime. We do not choose are guides, they choose us.

Every animal Spirit/totem has its own medicine or power the is unique.

Some of the things that your Animal totem/spirit can assist in your life:

Improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Clarity in your life.

In our spiritual advancement.

Our daily lives.


The Animal totems are here to assist us with some powerful lessons that we may be facing. They remind us that we are only a small fraction of creation. Each part of creation has its own place in this whole makeup of the universe and world. All creatures have their own skills and wisdom.

Developing a connection with our totems takes time and patience. You do not have to be in direct physical contact with the animal. But you can learn its traits, habits and skills. It is not an experience that you meet them once and forget about them. But to have a deep connection and communicate and have a so-called relationship with them. The rewards can be understanding, love, light energy, skillful knowledge and wisdom. But best of all, having a powerful spiritual friend that is there for you.

Communication with your spirit guide requires reverent respect and knowledge of the ways of the animal guide. You must find ways to honor your spirit guide. The more importance you give to the spirit guide the more they respond to you. A spirit guide is sensitive to moods, current events, and a person’s path in life.

Animal spirits often reveal themselves to us through our subconscious during sleep and meditation. During these sessions, animals indicate valuable information about our past, present and future, as well as help us with situations we are dealing with in our lives.

I begin on preparing you for the meditation on what you may see and how you are viewing things during the meditation process. This includes talking about the totems and how to fully benefit from the meditation process.

The meditation begins by guiding you through a deep state of meditation that completely relaxes you and opens your intuitive side (third eye). This process assists you in opening up to the other side and your intuitive mind.

I will be guiding you through a meditation that assists you in finding out what is your totem(s). Some individuals may have more than one. Listening to what the totem has to say why they are with you, how they can assist you and how to call upon them at various times. You will also feel their energy and experience their power.