There are many ways to heal and to spiritually grow.  One is with the use of affirmations.  These helpful and
guided words are used for positive reinforcements.  They will benefit you and others.

In order for any of these words to work, you MUST focus all your thoughts and attentions to what you intend to
achieve with these words.  You must visualize your goals; see it as if it were happening at that moment.  Hold
the image of that goal in your mind.  Don't just say the words, speak them firmly.  By putting your emotions into
them.  Concentrate. Relax.  Let it go.  Say to yourself 'I AM the source of creation'.

Affirmations are used in a repetitive sequence to reinforce a positive effect.  It is usually used to bring in a
positive behavior or emotion into the person that is doing it.  It is in a sense of self programming for a better
outcome of life and well being.  Changes can happen for the individual that does affirmations.  It is usually done
daily for a week to ten days and ten times.  Through speaking or writing down affirmations can be effective.  
Some people even have affirmation sentences or phrases printed out where they will see them throughout the day.