About Carla Mary ~ how she is gifted and uses these gifts in her sessions
I am neither a fortune teller nor a typical psychic, as most do not like to use these titles as bad reputation with
them. Having a strong spiritual and mystical orientation, my intuition and guidance comes from her High Self and
direct connection with the Divine Consciousness, providing me with a highly expanded multi-dimensional awareness.

In a session, I directly experience pure energy as information that exists on a higher level than our three-dimensional
reality, a level of Divine Mind that precedes and creates form. During a session, many clients say they sense my
compassion and they are able to feel a great deal of healing energy.

‘The level and quality of information coming through the reader is equivalent to the growth, and attunement of the

I have been intuitive all my life and in continuous pursuit of spiritual awakening through meditation and personal
psychological development, this can assure you the best possible reading available. Believing the more clearly the
reader is the clearer and accurate the reading can be. With my philosophy and many others also, I believe in being a
clear vessel as all healers and readers should be. I am clear vessel not smoking, taking drugs and etc. I also believe in
healing thy self on a regular basis. This allows me to channel freely and clearly.

Your guides and angels want to help you. They have messages and information for you that you may not yet know
how to obtain on your own. You may be too close to an issue to be able to utilize your own intuition effectively. I
provide a connection to your guides. The information can be received and provided to you through my readings and
channeled messages. The messages that I receive are designed to offer guidance in making your own choices. Your
guides will rarely tell you what to do. They honor your gift of free will. They will, however, offer information you
may not have known or thought of before in order to help you gain perspective on the issue. They will often offer
information that is universal in its significance, but also very appropriate to your particular situation. By
understanding how you and your situation fit in the big picture you can comprehend the implications of your decisions.

We can all learn from these insights and understandings through accurate readings. To live our lives to the fullest,
we must understand that we are not alone, and that what we do affect everything in the universe.

Some of the gifts that I use in my readings Clairsentience are the abilities to sense things. It can be done through
feelings, sensations and emotions. Through clairsentience I am able to perceive within my own self what is happening
to the individual. I am able to pick up pain, discomforts and illnesses within that individual. Also, feeling the
emotions and issues that are affecting you at times within my own self. Does this hurt you I am asked? No, it is
only a psychic feeling and is only temporary until I disconnect from it. But through this gift I am able to perceive
things that is happening with that individual on many different levels. Also, I have the gift of being able to feel and
perceive all manners of physical and emotional information about an individual. Some call this a part of being a
medical intuitive.

Clairaudience is the psychic gift of hearing. Some will have this gift in different forms such as telepathy. Besides
being able to receive messages through telepathy, the just knowing or having thoughts come into your mind, I am
able to actually hear those on the other side. How I receive this hearing in it is as if someone was next to me
talking to me. Yes, I do hear voices just as you speak to me.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see through the third eye. Clear viewing and have had these and all of her gifts since I
have been a small child. I can see those that are with you; guides, angels, and those on the other side are showing
me. Also, able to see the auric field and decipher what is happening from the coloration that is around you. Plus,
the different layers that make up the auric field. Not only the aura but into the chakra/energy system. With this
gift, I am able see the blocks and what are causing them. If a chakra is starting to develop and other things that
are associated with that.

Not all of the time those that cross over are always with us. I will receive messages from those that crossed to
relay to you if they are currently present at that time.

At times I will use the tarot cards but all of my information is from Spirit. Usually, when the client requests the
use of them. When using the tarot cards they act as a means to tap into our psychic and spiritual connections. The
cards are merely a tool, a point of focus, to allow the flow of energy and information from that of Source (Spirit).
When giving a reading there is a connection between the energies of the cards, higher self and your higher self.
From here there is a natural connection to that of Source (Spirit), and this alignment of energies brings the right
information needed for you at the time of the reading.

Interpreting dreams is another ability that I can assist you with. As most of our dreams are from those on the
other side or from our higher selves, she can decode the messages given during your dreams. I do have lot knowledge
of astrology but do not consider myself an astrologer.

I do receive and able to communicate with animals on a telepathic level. I incorporate information that I do receive
into readings. When you receive a reading and would like information on your pet, just ask during that time.

The session will consist of intuitively reviewing the soul’s chart, karma and energy blocks.  All this will give
information on what is currently happening and about to happen in your life.

Some of the information that is received;

The blocks within the energy centers/chakra. What you can do to assist in clearing negative block.
How to clear and resolving these issues / things.
What are you not seeing that could be helpful to you.
How to experience greater love, joy and abundance in your life.
Who you are in this lifetime?
Answering the single most haunting question in your life...Why am I here?
What you’re dealing with related to your life path and personal process.

Find the answers to those eternal questions. The future is a set of probabilities and is created by your spirit/soul in
combination with your personality, what your actions are, path and purpose in life. It is not something that happens
to you outside of your control. The reason why you may not always be aware of what is going on is that sometimes
you are not so aware of your spirit. That is where intuitive reading comes in. It can assist you to be more aware of
what is going on, and then you can make your own choices.

What an intuitive sees for the future can change. Your future is like camera film. The more grounded something in
the future is, the more it forms on the camera film, but it can also fade if you change your direction. The purpose
of a reading can bring clarity, insight, confirmation, and direction into one’s life, which will give you the opportunity
for making better decisions. Most readings that individuals receive from others deal with symptoms and do not get
to the root of the problem. Combining  energy release techniques with my intuitive abilities allows me to get to the
core of a problem and assist you in healing.

In the session, you will become aware of the blocks that create the barriers. Giving you your own personal techniques
to help you get back to self. Having you feel whole again. From here you can live your life in a balanced, peaceful,
and whole way. Intuitive Session deals with deepening your connection with God/Source/Spirit. Working with you at
your Soul level, asking the questions and exploring why did you come here? What are your lessons, challenges? What
is your purpose? How to get in touch with you at your center the Source of who you are, bridging the outer with
the inner.

The session can deal with:

Feeling stuck
Not living the life you want
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Path Development
Life Path / Purpose

During the session you will learn the negative blocks, effective way of eliminating negative energies, blocks and self-
defeating actions and thoughts. This assists you to live the life you want, supported with all your energies to fulfill
your dreams and aspirations.