It is so true that what we expect or desire is what we get out of life.  Own image of our self and the world is what we do
manifest into our own creative world.   In our mind we can imagine us being successful and happy.  The state of our own
being of health can all be contributed into how we view our self.  If we see our self being weak, fearful or not accomplishing
anything we are being destructive to our own self and world.  Not everyone is going to be a multi million or billionaire but
we can choose to be successful and prosperous.  Those that have money still need to learn to be happy without the
monetary stimulate.  Otherwise, without that they would not find security within themselves.  You have to have security
within your own self to hold on to finances, relationships or anything in life.  Joy, happiness and bliss can only happen when
you see that within your own being.  

We create our own situations with our thoughts.  If we think that a situations will be bad it will be especially if we do not
take responsibility in our own part of it.  Everyone gives power to someone, someplace and some situation.  If you choose to
give your energy and power into a negative thing or person, that is your choice, no one else is taking your power unless you
give it away.  Yes, you can choose to walk away from a situation, not to answer the phone or continue a relationship with
anyone.  When you continue to confront, hold on or provoke to the very end of a negative experience ~ you are the one
giving it power.  Remember the old saying do not burn bridges when you leave a job.  This should be in all situations.  By
leaving a bad relationship or situation and telling who or whatever that maybe involved that you will not continue with this
and its not accepted to you no more you take back your power.  But the key is to let it go and move forward.  Not to
entertain the thoughts of the bad situation and allowing it to brew inside of you.  The key then is to heal and learn by how
this was your responsibility by being involved in it.  You are responsible and also have fault into every event.  It just does
not happen to fall in your lap negative people, situations or things. We draw these experiences to us for us to learn and
recognize what is not right and what is wrong with what we are doing currently and thinking in our lives.  We are like
magnets that magnetize of like to us.  If we are weak and too needy in relationships we will bring in weak, needy and
sometimes victimizers to us.  Why, because we are projecting our energy out to the universe to find of like.  

When we create peace, happiness and balance within our mind. We will then manifest into our own reality of life.

The subconscious mind assists in manifesting what we are thinking and believes in.  If we believe that I am fine, safe and
secure, then you will be.  If I believe everyone is out to get me and everyone is bad, then that is what and who we manifest
in our life.   Within your mind you can say, “I am wonderful and happy, the world around me is joyful and prosperous, I am
safe and secure within my world”

There are ways to correct your thinking of how you create your world.  Change negative words into positive words.  Try to
catch the negative thought patterns that come in.  Yes, I hear it all the time in my sessions that it’s too hard.  Then ask
yourself, what is telling you that it is hard or not to be positive. As I always say, stamp your feet and say ‘where is this
coming from, because it is not permitted anymore.’  You can program your mind (conscious and subconscious minds) to
assist you in bring prosperity and joy into your life.

The following words to use to change the negative words:

You can look up the meaning of the positive words for a different word to use in the thesauruses or use the antonym of the
negative word.  It may assist you in remembering to use more positive word phrases.   An example of a client said when she
was asked how she was; her reply was, ‘A little less then exorbitant’. She never said anything negative, just a little less
than the highest form of perfect.  

unworthiness                                           worthiness, self-worth
inadequacy                                               adequacy, sufficiency, ability
sadness, pain, grief, suffering             happiness, joy, comfort, wholeness
guilt, shame, humiliation                        forgiveness, self-acceptance
limitation, poverty                                   abundance, prosperity
fear, trepidation                                       courage, faith,
anger, hatred, hostility                          love, forgiveness, friendliness
blame, resentment, self-pity                 accepting responsibility, praise
punishment, vengeance                        forgiveness
doubt                                                          faith
loss, incompleteness                            gain, oneness, wholeness
rejection                                                    self-acceptance, self-love
sickness, ill heath                                   health, wholeness
confusion, disorder                               clarity, Divine order
inflexibility, stubbornness,                   flexibility, letting go
attachment, obsession                         letting go, letting divine
addition, dependency                           independence, self-authority
conceit, egotism                                     humility, seeing God in all
judgment, criticism                                nonjudgmental, appreciation
tiredness, exhaustion                           vitality, energy
depression, despair                              lightness, hope, joy, harmony
frustration, obstruction, delay           letting go, nonresistance
anxiety, worry                                        calm, relaxation, peace
manipulation                                          letting go, allowing
pressure, stress                                    adequacy, resourcefulness
burden                                                     letting go, giving over to divine
possessiveness                                    release
bondage                                                  freedom
jealousy, competition, envy               satisfaction, fulfillment, goodwill
perfectionism                                         self-acceptance, self-love
impatience                                              patience
irritation                                                  tranquility
selfishness                                            compassion, thoughtfulness
mistake                                                   forgiveness
error                                                        perfection