Hours ruled by the Rooster : 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Direction of its sign : Directly West
Season and principle month : Fall - September
Corresponds to the Western sign : Virgo
Fixed element : Metal
Stem : Negative

Starting Dates         Ending Dates         Element
January 22, 1909         February 9, 1910         Earth
February 8, 1921         January 27, 1922          Metal
January 26, 1933         February 13, 1934         Water
February 13, 1945         February 1, 1946         Wood
January 31, 1957         February 17, 1958         Fire
February 17, 1969         February 5, 1970         Earth
February 5, 1981         January 24, 1982         Metal
January 23, 1993         February 9, 1994         Water
February 9, 2005         January 28, 2006         Wood

Character traits

Roosters tend to be bossy and honest - telling it like it is.  If you are not a sensitive individual you will get along with
the rooster.  They are very sociable and prefer to be the center of attention.  

They love their home and proud of it.  They tend to be organized and neat.

Since roosters like to keep active their health is good.  If they do get ill they recover quickly.  

Compatible/Not Compatible:
Rooster and RAT
Difficulties in relating to one another. No lasting or special ties can be achieved. Will avoid or moderately tolerate
each other at best.

Rooster and OX
Excellent union. A highly successful team. No difficulties in communicating with each other. Have a great deal in

Rooster and TIGER
Communication gaps and mutual reservations. Many slight but irritating clashes. Moderate to cool relations at very

Rooster and RABBIT
Not compatible. Dissent and disagreements. Cannot understand each other. Personality clashes in love and
business. Very little in common.

Rooster and DRAGON
Very compatible and successful match. Prosperous and happy union. Have deep understanding of each other.
Lasting ties.

Rooster and SNAKE
Excellent relationship in marriage or partnerships. Will trust and understand each other. Have strong bonds and will
be successful.

Rooster and HORSE
Have distant respect for each other. Personality differences and barriers to overcome before they work together

Rooster and SHEEP
Some mutual reservations and difficulty in relating to one another. Will tolerate each other's company only to
moderate degree.

Rooster and MONKEY
Cool or formal ties. Will not care to understand each other. Could cooperate when they have mutual interests at

Rooster and ROOSTER
Clashes of wills and struggle for superiority in their contact with each other. Few areas of understanding. Civil ties at

Rooster and DOG
Moderate to cool ties. Problems in relating to each other and some underlying resentment. Will just tolerate each
other at best.

Rooster and PIG
May have some areas of mutual interest. No deep understanding of each other's personality but will cooperate when


Positive traits:
Self assured
Sense of humor
Strong opinions
Neat conservative

Negative traits:

Career best suited:
Insurance agent
Armed forces

Metal Rooster – Years 1921 and 1981
These Roosters have really big egos and are forever seeking willing listeners who can help keep those egos
inflated. Metal Roosters analyze everything. Their aggressive nature keeps some prospective friendships and
relationships from developing.
Water Rooster – Years 1933 and 1993
Water has a calming effect on this Rooster. Water Roosters don’t feel the need to rise above the crowd and their
communication skills are more refined. Forever energetic and extremely detail-oriented, these Roosters can benefit
from staying more focused on the end result rather than the minute details.
Wood Rooster – Years 1957 and 2017
More team oriented, Wood Roosters have many friends and acquaintances. Forever trying to seek the good rather
than the evil in people as well as in life situations, their only fault is the tendency to not complete what they start.
This happens because they frequently take on more than they can handle.
Fire Rooster – Years 1957 and 2017
Roosters in every sense, Fire Roosters spend much of their time perfecting their images. They’re terrific social
organizers and excellent leaders. However they are overly blunt and this trait often hurts the feelings of others.
Earth Roosters – Years 1909 and 1969
Extremely organized and detail-oriented, Earth Roosters are excellent at multi-tasking. They’re motivated by success,
and set high standards that they expect others to follow. These expectations of others can lead to animosity so Earth
Roosters need to adopt a more subtle approach.

Famous Roosters:
Sergei Rachmaninoff, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Gene Siskel, Prince Phillip, Quincy Jones, Joan Rivers, Pope Paul
VI, Emperor Akihito, Katharine Hepburn