You will find your connection with Divine will be more powerful this year.  It is a year of
transformation for you.

  • Opportunities for growth will be there for you this year.  
  • There maybe issues with finances this year with others.  Make sure that you check your
    own financial things yourself.  
  • You may have information about someone close to you that might be a shocker.  
  • Your partner will be a focus for you.
  • You may find you have more than one source of income.  A possible property
    inheritance might come for you.
  • This year will be great for relationships.  The springtime will be great for your
    relationship with possibility of marriage offer.
  • A great year for any job interviews and education.

The beginning of the year to the end of fall you will see that your popularity and finances will
greatly improve.  

The first part of the year, things go smoothly for your finances and career.  You may even see
some rewards for a job well done.  Support is there from others during this time.  

The end of the year may bring changes in your relationship, career or home.  Things maybe
different. It maybe a very emotional and stressful period for you.

At the end of the year do not do any risk taking with finances.

The solar eclipse on January 15th in Capricorn in your eleventh house of money from career.  
You will meet new friends and fulfilling your dreams. Jupiter is in the twelfth house assisting
you from behind the scenes.  Uranus is in the first house, which will have you opening
yourself up differently. It will be in a great combo with Uranus and Venus in your sign.  It is a
great time for networking and friends.  

The lunar eclipse on June 26th in Capricorn will be in eleventh house.  It is not as good as the
previous one.  It will align with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Cancer.  Also with Jupiter
and Uranus in Aries.  Tension with friends may happen during this time.  Try to stay clear of
conflicts.  Opportunities come your way but make sure you have all facts before doing

The solar eclipse on July 11th in Cancer  in your fifth house.  Your children will be a focus to
you.  You may have a new relationship in your life.  Saturn in the eighth house in partners
money will have them relying on your finances.  Pluto in the eleventh house can have
finances coming your way through your work. It will be in alignment with Mars in Virgo so
you may see a windfall in activities that you do.  It is a good time for a hobby or learning one.

The lunar eclipse on December 21st in Gemini will be in your fourth house of home and
family.  Activities of home decorating will be highlighted.  It will be aligned with Mercury in
Sagittarius in your Tenth house of career.  You will need to balance the family / home life with
career.  Not a good time for a home based business.  

Uranus has been active since 2003.  On May 27th, it goes into Aries until August 13th before it
stays in Pisces on March 11, 2011.  All the issues that you experienced inside of you and outside
of you over the past seven years will start showing you it all had meaning for the future.

Jupiter will be in Pisces on January 17th then in Aries June 6th to September 9th.  Then Jupiter
goes back to Pisces on January 22nd 2011.  This all will have a starting and stopping trend in
your life.  Jupiter will conjunct Uranus on June 8th, September 18th and January 4th 2011.  
This will enhance your ideas and intuition.  Hold on to your chair, as changes will be quick.  

Saturn opposes Jupiter on May 23rd, August 16th and March 28th 2011 some obstacles maybe
in your way.  It can be anything from finances to partners.  Do not plant yourself to firmly
into what you think is solid.  Because Saturn might pass you u on opportunities to move
forward.  Key is do not resist change.

May 2nd and June 27th will have you needing balance between material and spiritual side of
your world.  Saturn will form a quincunxes with Neptune.  It may have you being more
stressful than usual.  

The south node in Cancer is in your fifth house of creativity through the year.  Having you
dreaming of what you want life to be.  North node in Capricorn in your eleventh house of
community puts you in to more solid thinking.

Pluto in Capricorn January 2008 through March 2023.  It will be in the tenth house of career,
father and your status.  You may have to be in the front instead of working from behind the
scene.  Tests can happen at work that can be a bit challenging for you.  This could be a power
struggle with your boss.  However, this will all make you a stronger individual in the end.  
Then it goes to the eleventh house.  This will be easier for you.  Your words will speak loudly
now.  It will be a time to save money.  

Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your twelfth house.  It seems that your intuition
maybe on the back burner for a while.  To make them work for you will need to set time
regularly to use them.  Some may finally find out how intuitive they actually are that were
not aware of it.

Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  It is in the first house of
self.  Your emotions were higher than usual during this time.  Your appearance may have
changed during this period in Pisces.  When it goes to Aries in May, it will be in the second
house.  Major changes can happen for the better.  The change can be with finances.  
Opportunities can present themselves during these times.   

Saturn in Libra October 30th 2009 until October 6th 2012  in your eighth house of joint
finances, partner’s money and inheritances.  It will square Pluto in Capricorn if you are going
through a divorce make sure you get your finances straighten it out with the divorce before
this event. Because your ex spouse or current good relationship spouse  will have money
problems and will not be sharing with you if they had no problems with it either.  

Jupiter in Aquarius January 6th 2009 through January 18th 2010  and in Pisces January 18th
2010 through January 22nd 2011.   It is in the first house of self.  It brought you good luck.  
You must work for it to happen.  When it goes to Aries from June through July, you will see
what your finances will be for next year.

Pisces 2010
February 19 ~ March