NEPTUNE - in Aquarius - 1998-2012

It has also been combined with Uranus which may have not been so smooth sailing for the past 8 - 15 years.  There could have
been upsets and job losses.  But it tried to encourage you to pursue your personal goals. Things should be becoming more
smoother since Uranus moves into Pisces.

Neptune and Aquarius does quite well with each other.  

Neptune goes retrograde

Neptune begins the year at 24 degrees of Aquarius, retrogrades on May 31st at 28 degrees, and goes direct on November 7th
at 26 degrees and is still at 26 at the end of the year.

How this will affect your sun sign for 2010


Neptune in Aquarius from 1998 through 2012 in your eleventh house.  You maybe attract more like-minded friends during this
time. Make sure that they are on the level.  Before you make any plans or investments with someone, do background checks
to be on the safe side.  


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your tenth house.  There maybe more pursuits in holistic and spiritual matters. Also,
you may be changing careers or feel a need to that deals with any form of communication.  If you have a craft or artistic
talent, now is the time to get serious about it to go professional with it.  During this period gives you insight into seeing others
that are not true to there work.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your ninth house.  It assists in heightening your awareness and allowing you to be
more sensitive.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 it will be in your eight house of joint finances.  This could be a vague time with your
partner’s finances that you have combined.  It is not a good time to loan money.  Be cautious of what you sign in contracts
during this period.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012.  It is now in Aquarius in your seventh house of relationships.  Your children and or
spouse / partners maybe opening to new higher consciousness during this time.  You maybe also find that your spouse /
partner may look for someone else that may not be realistic type of person.  Nevertheless, turn their fantasies into your
creativity and put on a more romantic streak in your relationship as you know how to do.  


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your sixth house of career and health.  You may experience harder to diagnose
aliments.  During this time you may need to venture into learning or incorporating some form even if little spiritual /
metaphysical into your life.  This is because of Neptune and Aquarius governs over this realm.  


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your fifth house of romance and children.  You may have not seen things clearly on
any new relationships due to this.  Also, unrealistic desires for a relationship.  


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 is in your fourth house of home, mother and real estate and the foundation of your
entire chart.  If you are dealing with any real estate, look over all contracts.  You might not see things clearly especially that
your home is not what you think it is.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your third house of communications and siblings.  Pluto is in your first house, which
may have you looking at your sibling with a UN fair eye. Writing and journaling maybe what your doing now during this person
or poetry.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 to 2012 will be in your second house of finances. Do not over spend and rack up the credit cards
during this time.  However, you need to enjoy your profits and not hold on as tight as you do.  However, curb the spending
sprees with this aspect.  


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your first house.  Things will look great for you.  However, at times you envision the
world better than it is.  It will have you looking at life in a more spiritual life.  Trust will be a lesson for you.  Your intuition will
be higher. You will have a completely new way of seeing things and the world with a new balance of thought.


Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012 in your twelfth house.  It seems that your intuition maybe on the back burner for a
while.  To make them work for you will need to set time regularly to use them.  Some may finally find out how intuitive they
actually are that were not aware of it.