The Microcosmic Orbit is used for those that are interested in; raising their vibration level, increasing their chi level and preparing the student
for the Reiki Master Level.  

It connects the Conception and Governing Vessel channels to make a completed energy circle through the body. The first is to connect the
channels at the bottom (root chakra) of the perineum. The second movement connects the channel at the top of the body.

I recommend starting out by the intermediate.  With practice and time increase the repetitions to 36 times by allowing the audio to loop till you
are finished.  Then following it with grounding your energies back.

When you feel that you have been comfortable doing the intermediate with the additional repetitions, then go to the advanced.   Build your
repetitions up to as much as you can do comfortably.  Then following it with grounding your energies back.

This has three parts.  The intermediate guides you to the basic microcosmic orbit.  Then when you feel that you can work your way up to 36
repetitions.  The advanced guides you through different chi channels.  When you feel comfortable then work yourself to more repetitions.  
Following either one it is important to ground the energy, which is the last track.

To purchase to listen at your convenience and unlimited times $5
Microcosmic Orbit Beginning & Microcosmic Orbit
Intermediate & Advanced