This year you will be finding yourself full of enthusiasm and doing much better than the
previous year.  Projects and ventures that you are in you may find more profitable for you.  If
you are currently in a business / enterprise, it will be working out good for you.  New financial
opportunities will be there for you.  You may find that your income will be more and
expenses should be lower than before.   Put your self in the spotlight the first few months of
the year.  There will be an enhancement in your respect. Your professional life should be
more enjoyable.

  • Traveling
  • Attention to the home and romance.
  • Creativity will be flowing.
  • This year should be very lucky for you.

The first part of the year will be favorable for you Leo and great outcomes for you.  

Job promotions are more possible during the first half of the year.

During late summer and early fall, you maybe purchase some luxury items.  

If you are dealing with any legal court matters, the outcome will not be until the middle of
the year. Possible victory in any cases to your favor.

During the middle of the year, you may find some issues with career and finance. Some
friends and work associates maybe putting up some roadblocks in front of you.  Do not trust
all; take everything as a grain of salt.   Not a good time to change jobs.

The latter part of the year will straighten out to your benefit any issues that you had with
career and finances in the middle of the year. There is a possibility for career growth or a
promotion. Spend your money wisely during this last part of the year.  Do not take risks with
your finances.

The last part of the year will be better for those in a relationship to tie the knot.

Mars in your fourth house may not have a favorable influence on your relationships of the
heart.  In addition, your home life will not be as smooth going during this time.  

With Mars and Jupiter transit may put you out of focus if your are learning anything through
education.  Self-control will be needed at this time.  Through hard work, you will achieve your
goals during this time.  

Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 in your eighth house of shared resources.  Your finances
though others may have put you on a different track than you expected.  This house also
deals with intimacy; you may have been on a rollercoaster ride even though you tried to
manage the instability. If you are in a marriage that is unstable and planning on a divorce this
can assist it.  However, you must remember it will free you so that you can bring someone in
to your life that is more in tuned to who you are.   This year will be transitional. Finances may
be better for your spouse / partner.  On May 27th, Uranus will be in Aries  2010 through 2018
in your ninth house.  This will give you some insight on what is to come for you.  New
experiences will happen for you.  This would be an excellent period to further your education
for your career for the future events. On August 13th, it will go back to the eight house for
six months assisting you on completing any financial or emotional things.

Jupiter in Aquarius January 6th 2009 through January 18th 2010.  Then in Pisces on January
18th 2010 through January 22, 2011. Jupiter will be in your eighth house on January 17th.  This
deals with what is underline issues.  Your spouse / partners finances maybe improving.  You
may not receive benefits from it though.  Jupiter then will be in Aries on June 6th through
July and will conjoin Uranus on June 8th in one of three alignments.  The others will occur on
September 18th and January 4th 2011.  The first one is very inspirational as it will be in your
ninth house.  You may decide to seek some higher learning during this time. The other two
will be more personal for you. They will be in your eight house, which will deal with
adventure on your deepest desires.

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Aries in your ninth house of higher education, spouse / partner,
youngest child, religion, travel and law.  Any of the things it deals with can be lucky for you.  
Then will be going back to Pisces and will reconnect there twice.  In Pisces, it will be in your
eight house of joint finances and spouses / partners finances.  You spouse / partner may
receive a raise or promotion.

Saturn will be in your second house but will also have influence over on the fourth, eighth
and eleventh houses.  Jupiter in Aquarius will be influencing the first, third, seventh and
eleventh houses.  

Saturn will oppose Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions will assist in preventing you from going
over the edge.  Saturn opposition with Uranus in your second house of finances to the eight
house of spouses / partners finances. Throughout this year will assist in cutting through the
boundaries that you have set.  The finance and communication houses will be dominant, you
may see some of these insecurities or difficulties actually turn into some securities and gains
for you.  This all deals with dealing with and healing your self worth issues.  Those that you
were overly generous with your finances may see that you are not as generous as before.  
This is a good thing Leo you were over extreme on that issue.  The key is to save it for a rainy
day.  The latter part of this opposition will be in your third house of siblings, communication,
short trips, lower education, neighbors and to the ninth house of higher education, long
distance travel, religion and the law.  It should be less stressful time.  However, when Saturn
moves out of this lessons will have to be learned.

Saturn will be in Libra October 30th, 2009 through October 6th 2012 in your third house of
communications.  It will be a time of re doing your daily life.  You may have to get stern with
a sibling or visa versa. A lesson of how you communicate will be concerning you at most
times sound excessive authoritarian and do not realize it.  You must learn to ease up on that.   
It will go back in to your second house of finances on April 7th.  This will assist you in self-
esteem issues and your finances.  It will then go back into Libra on July 21st.  

Saturn will be squaring Pluto in the third house to the sixth house.  At work, communications
can be a little strained and power play issues with others.  

Pluto in your sixth house of self-improvement in January 2008 through March 2023.  This
deals with a long term redo of your habits, daily routine and health matters. Things maybe
going on behind the scene that you may or not be aware of at the work place.  There maybe
someone at your work place or your boss that could have you needing to reevaluate how you
do things at work.  Changes must be made because a square with Saturn in your third house
may conflict information that you know.  Re modifications maybe needed as things have not
worked out for you.  This has started on November 15th, 2009 and will repeat on January 31
and August 21st.  Key is to stop making excuses for things because it will no longer work.

The solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 15th in your sixth house. This will be a more positive
one for you Leo.  It will focus on your career. Assistance with your job may come from your
partner / spouse.  This can happen after Jupiter leaves the grips of Neptune and Chiron.  
Uranus during this time may have finances coming in to you from your partner / spouse.  All
depends upon you Leo and in the whole big picture, it will come only from you. With it
aligned with Jupiter and Uranus, you may have an opportunity for a raise.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th.   This will also be with Pluto at this time, which
will clash with Mercury in Cancer.  All work situations may feel stress and tension at this
time.  Make sure to find ways to release these feelings.  Keep one ear open and mouth closed
in any office / work information that maybe going on.

The solar eclipse on July 11th in Cancer will be in your twelfth house of the unknown, spouses
/ partners career.  Things can manifest to any of the things that deal with the twelfth house.  
Motivation and releasing excess stress will be assisted with Mars in Virgo in your third

The lunar eclipse on December 21st in Gemini in your eleventh house of friends and social
activities.  Some may find new romantic interest during this time.  Jupiter and Uranus in
Pisces will increase travel for you.  Further education is highlighted during this eclipse.  

Neptune in Aquarius 1998 through 2012.  It is now in Aquarius in your seventh house of
relationships.  Your children and or spouse / partners maybe opening to new higher
consciousness during this time.  You maybe also find that your spouse / partner may look for
someone else that may not be realistic type of person.  Nevertheless, turn their fantasies into
your creativity and put on a more romantic streak in your relationship as you know how to

Leo 2010
July 22 ~ August 22