Learning to meditate

This course is designed for teaching you ways of learning to meditate.  

Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and body to go inward.  One of the main reasons to meditate
is to find inner peace and develop our gifts and abilities.

Throughout this course I will discussing:  the meanings of meditation, benefits, what to achieve and show you
different tips, techniques and exercises to enhance your meditation experience.  

You will be experiencing different meditations. The meditations that we will be doing are guided imagery
meditations.   Which means that I will be talking your through each meditation; through visuals on many different
things and topics.  By doing guided imagery, it allows our intuitive minds eye to develop.

This course is for everyone!  The individual that is just learning, never meditated before, have in the past or
currently meditating and just want to grow more spiritually and intuitively.  

One of the great benefits of meditating is opening the intuitive mind.  In this course you will experience and learn
techniques on doing this.  But with all meditations, they do assist in developing our intuitive mind.

I encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences that you have during this series and would love to
hear your feedback - please email me with your information.  Let me know if you want to share it with
others - as this can encourage others to start the course and to meditate.

Take your time going through each exercise and meditation.  It is best to spread them out throughout the
week and reviewing them during the entire course and afterwards.  

    The key is to practice and give it time ~ not to rush.

The exercise, audio and meditations are in each lesson. Please either have head phones or speakers available for

You will be emailed a link to the lesson once a week.  The course is a total of 14 weeks.  Once you have purchased
the course, please email your email address for you to receive the weekly new lessons.


    The course overview:

    Lesson 1

    Preparing yourself to meditate
    Lie down or sit up what is best?
    Positions for meditating
    What to do with your body during meditation?
    What if you feel discomfort while meditating?
    Your environment during meditation   ~ Finding a comfortable place to
    Where is the best place to meditate?
    What can add to your experience during meditation?
    When is the best time to meditate?
    Helpful tips
    Clearing the mind of mind chatter  ~  What is mind chatter?
    6 Exercises

    Lesson 2

    Why you need to mediate
    Some of the stages that you will be going through on your journey of
    What can you receive from meditating:
    Meditation will bring great benefits if you choose them to happen.
    3 exercises

    Lesson 3

    How long to meditate
    How much time to spend
    How often
    3 exercises

    Lesson 4

    Basic information on the chakras
    Learning my techniques for being open for mediation and relaxing
    Opening the chakra zipper
    Right hemisphere shift
    Bubble of light
    Meditation on opening the mind to meditate

    Lesson 5

    Quieting the mind and the chatter within
    Starting to concentrate
    3 Exercises and a meditation

    Lesson 6

    Unconditional love
    How to have a balance with your life and meditation
    2 exercises and a meditation

    Lesson 7

    Exploring your senses
    Exercises and mediations

    Lesson 8

    Experiences that can happen with meditation
    2 exercise and a meditation

    Lesson 9

    What can be achieved
    Exercise and meditation

    Lesson 10

    Having an open mind
    Controlling issues
    Exercise and meditation

    Lesson 11

    Color chakra meditation

    Lesson 12

    The use of mantras
    3 exercises / audio

    Lesson 13

    We will be discussing the topic of nirvana
    Audio and meditation

    Lesson 14

    Meditating on your own