Intuitive Reading and Integrated Healing Balancing the mind / body / spirit

This session begins with an intuitive reading then followed by an integrated healing session.  Doing the reading
first allows me to view the aura and the chakras and gain insight in the areas that you will need additional
healing energy.  It allows the individual to discuss the issues that can be affecting them and then going into the
healing to heal and let go.  The client can decide how long the reading they would like and the amount of time of
the healing session.

Integrated healing is designed for those that are seeking an alternative way of healing.  It is not one healing
modality used, but a combination of many different types that blend well together.  

During the session, I use my intuitive abilities to assist in the healing session.  By doing this, I am able to
connect to your higher self, angels and those of the light that are their assisting in the healing.  Through their
guidance I am receiving the information on what modality to assist you during each part of the session.  As a
clairvoyant I am able to see the auric field and into each of the chakras.  This amazing and blessed gift assists me
in being able to clear and remove the negative energy and blocks.

In the session I begin by asking if there are any areas you would like me to focus on.  These can be on emotional,
spiritual or physical level/issues. Then I begin by centering and a prayer for healing for the individual.   I begin by
scanning the energy field and chakra system of the entire body.  I then proceed with incorporating most or all  
the following into the session depending on the individual session that is needed:  opening and removing negative
energy from the chakras, clearing the different layers of the auric field, chakra balancing, Reiki, breathe therapy,
Craniosacral therapy, running and clearing the meridians through energy work, shiatsu, reflexology, removing
stagnant energy from the chi channels,  opening the crown chakra to allow for clear flow of chi, opening the feet
chakra to allow for better connection with grounding, guided visualization and aromatherapy.  Then followed by
balancing the energy and grounding the individual.

During the session I encourage the individual to be relaxed and at ease.  I will guide you into breathing in and out
and visualization techniques.  

After the session you will be given information on what to expect after receiving a healing session that will be
emailed to you.  Most of my clients have given feedback that the healing energy stays with them for up to two
weeks to a month after the session.  This all depends on the individual and what needs to be healed and released.

The client is fully clothed during the session except for shoes and jewelry.